Installing vinyl replacement windows on the second floor


If you have a two-storey house and are replacing the windows on the first and second floors, there are a few things you can do Use to make the top The ground work a little safer and easier. If the windows are replacement style frames, you install them inside the house, so the only thing you will do differently from the windows of the first floor is to use a scale of 39 Extension for caulking the exterior. So, let's talk about redeveloping style windows on the second floor. You can usually remove the old window from inside the house, but if you have an image window, you should use the ladder extension to remove the stops in Holding the glass in place. Then you can go into the house and cut the free glass of the frame using a knife. Put a tarp on the floor under the window, to catch the pieces of glass that might fall when removed. Also, do not forget to keep people and animals away from the area under the window.

Once you are ready to install the new window, you can do it inside the house. Remember, when installing renovation style frames, you install them from the outside and pick them up. Instead, bring the window to the floor. If this is a cursor, remove the screen and the sliding panel. Then, using a wizard, you can tilt the window frame through the opening, extending the retrofit lip completely out of the opening before you return the window to you, and Install the window as if you were outside. Ask your assistant to hold the center bar when you place a screw in the top center to hold the frame in place. You can perform all the installation from within. The only time you will need to go on the ladder of extension is when you are ready to caulk outside. Be sure to put a generous amount of caulk where the top of the frame meets the stucco or the outside material. You do not want the water to go beyond the new frame, otherwise it can run through the wall and through the ceiling or walls. You would be surprised to see just how two people can install a sliding window 8 'wide to 5' From the top to the second floor if you remove the sliding panels and screens. In fact, my assistant and I did a 10 "wide and 5" from above. This was the largest I did on the second floor. You can run a bead of caulk on the outside of the old frame before installing the new frame directly from inside the piece.

Now, if you install an image window, it is a bit more difficult. You can not remove the panels to lighten the load, and it is harder to get a firm grip on the frame. But on the positive side, image windows are usually not much larger than 3 's by 5' On the second floor. If you have a large picture window, or if you have several to install, I have access to the suction cups used in the glass industry. You can attach them to the glass and use them as handles when extending the frame outside the opening. Contact me on my website to how to install Windows if you want to get prices on the suction cups. You can get the smaller and inexpensive models for about $ 40 each.

So if you hesitate to replace your old windows yourself because you did not think you could make the windows up the floor, you now know that you can. The topic of next week will be to replace the rollers of your patio door. If you can no longer open your sliding glass door, a couple of new rollers can make all the difference in the world.


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