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Homeowners who want to make changes outside their home sometimes need to have a way to visualize what their homes will look like before starting their project. This is now possible using a color creator and free outdoor material. I've found a free internet tool that may not be as inclusive as the CAD software I use, but it's an easy and quick way to visualize how improvements from the outside will appear almost instantly.

This tool is not perfect, but it works well enough to help homeowners make choices or at least narrow choices, which will speed up decision making. Anything that saves time or money is always a good thing and it can really help eliminate the stress of making these decisions.

Here's how it works. The first users type in the postal code of their place of residence, then they can choose from the materials available in this area. The following users will be able to choose a home that most resembles the style and appearance of their own home. So, if it's a ranch, two-story, colonial or other house style, they can choose the one that most resembles their beginning.

Then what I do is make changes on the outside, to make it as close as possible to what I already have. The reason for this is because I want to see what the changes I'm doing will look next to the other existing colors and materials that exist on my house.

So, if a homeowner had black shingles and wanted to change the color to a lighter gray, just drag and drop the shingles from a huge library of shingles, then make a designated box, then they can look at the roof on the house change to the new choice of shingle.

This process continues with cladding, exterior cladding, doors, doors and window trims, railings, decks and painted surfaces. One could literally give their home a complete makeover in minutes. Users can even create three or four versions, using different color and material choices, which gives more options.

When a project is completed, it can be enlarged, enlarged, printed, sent by email and users can register, to be able to save and store their finished products.

Keep in mind that users choose actual photographs of actual homes, and that shingles and roofing shingles are actually materials available for purchase from building material suppliers. So when one of the materials is changed, users will see them on the pictures exactly how they will look on the house.

Once the user has made all the color and exterior material changes, the resulting 3D Dimensional product is a real home with real products and colors. What you see, it's really what you get!


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