Instead of getting angry, learn to write a complaint letter in company format


This is the correct company format for a complaint letter in another business. Use your words cautiously because people are often funny about their money.

Tips and Tricks to Consider:

Keep in mind that commercial writing is a matter of "getting to the point"

Think about what you want to say before you start writing and making your facts known.

Stay objective and attentive throughout the letter, even if you feel angry.

Your letter will include the following:

1. Contacts

2. The complaint

3. Reason why you complain

4. The amount to be repaid

5. How long are you willing to wait (be reasonable please)

6. Reason why they should reimburse you

7. "Thank you", as well as attachments such as statements, receipts, etc.

Do not forget to send copies of the receipts, not the originals. However, the original letter you type and sign must be sent to recipients. Make a copy for your recordings.

If you do not receive the answer you have requested, you may want to consider writing a second letter with a firmer tone or you can contact the following person on their order chain.

Your number and your address

Your city, Your state postal code

Your contact number

Their company name

Their company name

The name of their company City, state and Zip Code

Dear Sir,

It has been excellent for my company to use your services for many door and window projects High quality. I have always been satisfied with your services, but I am writing to you with a concern that I hope you will be able to address.

My company ordered Custom Wood on July 2 by phone. We ordered french oak doors with double glazing and made to order. When they arrived on July 25, my carpenter informed me that the doors were too small. Instead of measuring a total of 11 feet by 8 inches, the doors measure 11 feet by 4 inches.

After waiting three weeks for the door to remodel a kitchen, it was obvious that customers were not waiting any longer to finish their kitchen. My carpenter managed to correct the mistake and did it at the expense of $ 455.50.

I ask that Custom Wood reimburse the $ 455.50 paid to repair the doors sent by mistake to my company. I understand the carpenter 's invoice and I would quickly appreciate this issue.

I would love to pursue my business with your company, because I have always been very satisfied with the past. Thank you very much for your time.


My name

Company name [


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