Insurance Claim Supplements – How to Submit Claim Supplements


An additional claim is a claim for additional repair or replacement costs. Supplements are commonplace in the claims process. However, if you are an insured person who is unaware of your policy rights, you may lose hundreds or thousands of dollars that you are entitled to collect.

Claims generally occur after an insured has filed a claim, either paid and gets completed repairs or replacements. Then, additional damage is discovered sometime later.

Many people mistakenly think that once the claim is closed, it can not be reopened. In addition, insurance companies and their adjusters do not usually hurry to tell you how to submit an additional claim. So what to do? Let's look at car insurance claims and property insurance claims.

For any sort of additional claim, you must contact your insurance company and give them your original claim number. The best way to notify the company is in writing, sent by certified mail. In this way, you will know who signed for the letter. The insurer will have to reopen the claim. You could have the same fitter as before, but maybe not.

Additional Claims for Automobile Insurance

Many supplements occur when cars are repaired. Many times, hidden damage is discovered when the bodybuilder begins to disassemble the car. So while the insurance company may have issued a payment to the body shop of the original repair estimate, they will issue a second check for additional repairs. It happens all the time, not much.

However, sometimes post-repair problems do not appear right away. A good example is the air conditioning system. If you have a car accident in July, you might not notice that your heater is running badly until the fall or the winter. But when damages are discovered that can be directly related to the original insured loss, you can submit a surcharge. Simply document the damage and their cause and send the supplement to the insurance company. No additional deductible is imposed since you have already paid it once.

Additional Property Insurance Claims

Claims from Landlords, Tenants or Businesses may require an additional claim for some of the same reasons found in car insurance claims. Seasonal problems can lead to damage related to the initial loss. But, other problems could arise. You can have an expert report that shows additional damage attributable to the original loss. Your contractor may have found hidden damage that needs to be repaired. In any case, carefully document your application and submit it to the insurance company.

Be sure to collect all the money you have the right to collect. Use additional claims whenever your claim requires it.

If you have suffered a loss of property, be it a fire, wind, flood or other, you must know winning insurance claim strategies. The insurance company will not tell you the claims process, but I will do it. I will show you how to take control of your insurance claim, and add hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars to your claim settlement. For more information, visit the website listed below.


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