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When we think of the design of a room with a theme, there is a very important element in the design of the house, which we often forget, is the treatment of windows . A majority of people buy draperies as a late addition, something that has to come up, but does not really matter. The problem is that window treatments are of importance and this should be a vital decision when designing your furniture.

Choosing the right type of custom window furnishing can be incredibly complex. If you choose the wrong type or the wrong color, it can completely ruin the design you have. Finding the best curtains for your room can lead to a style in which any professional interior architect will borrow your idea for future projects. When a window treatment works, it really works.

If you have the intention of choosing windows for your home, but do not know where to start, here are some tips that will help you find the curtains for you.

Does not use a single color theme and curtain design for the complete house

It's actually a mistake that most people commit. They choose a style of curtain and they put the same theme of curtains in every room of the house, whether it is good with the interior decoration or not.

The fact is that each piece may have a different curtain style unless you are working with an open floor concept and you will not want a child-themed curtain in a living room more than you would not want bold and luxurious window coverings in a child's room.

The light in the area is important too

Regarding the windows, not all of them produce the same amount of lighting and this will affect the type of curtains you use. The curtains that are heavy can block a lot of light and it works well in a room, especially the rooms that offer a breathtaking view of the sunrise. Transparent curtains are excellent for solariums that do not need a lot of privacy. The sheers provide a light and airy feel that works great in many spaces. When you know how much light passes through the window, you can plan accordingly.

Selection of Fabrics and Furnishing Materials

There are many materials for upholstery, texture, embossing and fiber blends you can use for a curtain, but you should choose fabric or materials that do not fade, especially if the room gets a lot of sunlight. Although the bristles may look luxurious for a room, it's best to leave them on the pillows, other accents since the silk curtains will quickly erase, and you'll still have drab and hideous curtains on your windows .


Sheer curtains are one of the most beloved window treatments. Well, they look absolutely gorgeous in many different areas, but are not the best style of sheet to buy, so you need to have a little privacy because you can see through most of curtains. The bathrooms and bedrooms are the two places where you should never have pure curtains alone. Pair them with a darker curtain or window cover.

Finally, if you still do not know how to use curtains in your space, I highly recommend you to read decorating magazines or visit some exhibition halls. gather some ideas before applying them in your room.


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