Interior Decorating Ideas with a Coastal Theme


The temperature sizzles and what better time to bring the cool breeze of the beach into your decor. If you like the beach but you can not go there as often as you want, bring the beach home.

What color do you think of when you think of the beach? If you said blue, you're right. Blue is the color of the deep ocean, blue is the perfect sky color and blue is a color that will make you feel fresh regardless of the temperature. Remember to paint this Beachy color on your living room, bedroom or bathroom walls. The colors that work well are Ebb Tide, Open Seas and Vast Sky, Sherwin Williams, the names alone will tell you what inspires them.

Refresh your home this summer with nuances and textures that create an atmosphere of calm. Feel as if you are on vacation all year round. You do not have to pack your bags and travel hundreds of miles to reach your resort, just create it in your own home with quick, easy, easy and affordable changes. You will be surprised what you can accomplish in a weekend.

Changing your fabrics will evoke a day at the beach. Consider sliding covering your sofa and your chairs in a sand beige. Mix in cushions in a fabric with a shell pattern.

Nothing seems cooler in summer than a light fabric at the windows. Choose a white or beige sand fabric. The upper tab panels work equally well, many will have a button on the tab, remember to stick a shell on top of the button. The result is quite fresh and very easy to do. Seashells can be found at most craft stores or just strolling on the beach if you are lucky enough to live by the sea. Strands of small shells can also be used to create a valance effect on a single panel. The result is unexpected.

Change your art to ocean landscapes or fish patterns. Create your own wall decor with big stars, ceramic fish and big shells.

Create an inexpensive coffee table. Buy two large garden urns, fill with sand, place shells in the sand and cover with a piece of glass. It's a very fast and affordable answer for a unique look.

Going on vacation to the beach is a very relaxing getaway, but the holidays come to an end, so why not create that holiday feeling everyday in your own home. Our homes are where we should be able to find peace and consolation. I invite you to create this place in your own home.


Source by Kathleen Moser

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