Interior Decorating Parts – a great home-based business


If you are looking for a company

where you can start and run from home

o requires a minimum start up cost and

o offers you the opportunity to work your own hours [19659002] oa potential for you to earn as much as you want

check into becoming a consultant for an interior decorating business.

How a Home Party Business Works:

As a consultant with an interior design company, you start by buying a sales kit that has everything you need to organize your first party, or several first parties . You will also receive training from another consultant or business manager – usually the person who sponsored you.

The basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of business – called direct selling or direct selling – is to recruit people who want it. organize a party at the house and invite guests – neighbors, colleagues, friends and family members.

During the party, you distribute a catalog and show the products in your sales kit and take orders. You can also do some demonstrations of simple products – for example, showing how to combine silk flowers with candlesticks, or show how different items in the catalog can be combined to create a personalized decor.

You also invite other guests to plan a party at their home at a later date, offering incentives such as free or reduced merchandise or "hostess only" gifts that they can win by hosting a party.

Why Home Businesses Do So Well

Home shopping is very popular, especially for newly married 30-year-old women who are looking for ways to make their home more attractive and inviting, but who have little time to shop or learn more. Plus, everyone loves going to a party, where you can relax, meet friends and have a good time.

Home Party Companies

Two well-known decoration companies are "Home Interiors" and "Southern Living Home". Party. "According to their website, Home Interiors has more than 100,000 decorating consultants and is the largest direct seller of home accessories in North America.

Southern Living Home Party Offers Custom Web Pages to each of his advisers and royalties (an additional commission) consultant who registered as a result of your recommendation.

To find more home-based companies, search the Internet for 'decorating parties' "," Direct Sales Opportunities "or" Festive Planning Business. "

Even people who say they do not like the selling often do very well with this type of business, especially their business. They choose a company with a solid reputation, a good training program and quality merchandise.

According to Helen Huppert, Director at Southern Living At Home, she started her business as a way to get out of the house once a week, but quickly realized that she could contribute to her family's monthly. Income. One of the things that she likes most about running her own home consulting business, is that she knows that she is not alone, that she She is part of a team committed to her success.

It is important that you take a realistic look at attitudes and likes and dislikes. If you are someone who does not like getting up in front of people and talking, or if you think you will not be ready to put in the time needed to make phone calls and queuing up, that could not be the case.

On the other hand, if the problem is simply that you are not sure about yourself, or that you are shy, this could be exactly the type of business you need to strengthen your confidence and increase your confidence. your self-esteem. By informing your sponsor or coach of your apprehensions and letting you know which training you could most benefit from, you will increase your chances of success.

What to Watch For

Before choosing which party decorating company with which you want to work, do background research on the company first. Ask your sponsor questions and, if possible, also get contact information from other interior design consultants and talk to them as well. Check with your local Better Office, the State Attorney General's Office, and the local Chamber of Commerce.

As with any home-based business, owning your own home decorating business, you must study supply and society seriously, and make an informed decision. But once you've made the commitment, dive with both feet and get ready to spend a wonderful time meeting new people, earning extra income and maybe even winning great prizes. Before long, you will discover that you are mastering new skills and that you will be well on your way to becoming a successful business owner and doing something you love.


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