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Whether you are buying a semi-custom land or house, builders are now offering us more options and selections than a few years ago. Which is great because you are able to customize your home to your preferences and preferences, although each upgrade only increases the cost of the house. It can be overwhelming, confusing, expensive and even frustrating, but do not despair. As with all the decor that you will do in your new home, take one step at a time.

1. Where to start – Before you go to your appointment at the design center, sit down and make a list of items that you have decided you can not live in this house, which ones you want and which ones you you do not want. Put together how much you are willing to spend on updates. Thinking about this in advance, you will focus on your budget. With the number of options and upgrades available, I have seen homeowners spend 25% – 75% more upgrades. It is easy to be excited and spend too much.

2. Flooring – One of the items that I would consider to be improving your flooring. This will be a big part of your budget and a long-term item that is not quickly replaced. Always improve the best carpet for the carpet you select. Consider placing a hard surface; such as tile, stone or wood in your traffic areas instead of carpet. Buy the best carpet you can afford. A good quality carpet with good maintenance will last from 10 to 15 years.

Improve your home by adding a tile medallion or patterned design in the floor. This is your first printing area for you and your guests as you enter your home.

3. Countertops – Consider a solid surface for your counters if tile is your standard. If upgrading all counters is not in your budget, improve the kitchen because it is the most used. You can also enhance the tile backsplash with a deco coating or accent tile.

4. Cabinets – You will probably get different cabinetry woods, stain colors, door styles and other areas to add. If the standard is acceptable to you, you'd better stay with the standard and then add extra cabinets in some of the areas that are offered. It is usually less expensive for the builder to add additional cabinets than to do it afterwards. To dress your cabinets, add hardware after your move.

If you do not like cabinets, upgrade what you want. This is not an article that you will probably replace. If you need to limit the upgrade, first select the wood you like, then the color of the stains and finally the style of the door. Again, a flat panel door can be upgraded with hardware.

5. Electricity – Many manufacturers also offer additional electrical boxes or plugs for electric fans, telephones, cables and ceilings. I would add anything you think you need. I've found that it's cheaper and easier for your builder to add these items, compared to you doing them later.

6. Painting – Flat painting is the norm in almost every home. You will have to repaint your home in a short period of time because the standard flat paint is not washable. You can gently clean the paint flat, but be careful otherwise you will be on the wall.

If your builder allows you to choose a color of your choice and at least a low luster finish or eggshell, the upgrade is normally cost effective. If this is not the case, consider painting your home before moving in. It is less expensive for a painter to paint your house without furniture. Or, if you have the time, you'll save thousands by painting it yourself.

7. Other Articles – There are many other improvements that will be offered to you. With the above items, the ones I think deserve to be improved, they are in your budget and the items you want are: windows, doors and appliances. Consider improving permanent items to close, and then modify or add some of the others such as: security systems, decorative paving, patio covers, faucets, lighting, window dyeing, window sills, window treatments and moldings.

With everyone, ask yourself: Is this something I absolutely want? Is this something that I can easily add or replace after moving in? Is it something that will cost me more to add after?

It is good that builders make houses more expensive. But be smart in selecting the items you upgrade to not put yourself out of the house.


Source by Gail Mayhugh

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