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We were finally ready for a dog at home. We have studied different breeds to match our lifestyle. We both wanted a big dog with a soft disposition, and as we looked through the pictures of the different breeds, we caught our attention. Bernese mountain dogs are beautiful, tall and gentle. That was what had to be our new "baby"! After meeting with the breeder, and a little wait, we brought home our little guy, Dante.

We were very happy to have a vinyl kitchen floor during the toilet training. Although he was quick to learn, he was after all a puppy. Vinyl floors are durable and very easy to clean. It was also a blessing because Dante had no idea how to wipe the feet during the rainy summer days.

We also learned that baby gates were not just for human babies. Because the rest of the house was mostly carpeted, we felt that a door was just what we needed. This saved a lot of carpet cleaning costs, which is not my favorite chore.

During the first few months, I wondered why everyone was talking about this breed. I did not notice much at all. Well, as our little stuffed ball grew up, and he gained about ten pounds a month, I started to notice a small change in this situation. Little by little, he began to have small, soft tumbleweeds in the corners of his estate. Soon, the fluffy little balls of hair required the daily attention of the broom. Finally, it became clear that the void was the only way to keep those floating fur clouds out of my broom. I first tried a little cleaning. Charge it and go! I only found that I could empty the box several times before I finished and that the load was gone before the fur was gone.

Well, if that little right did not work for me, I decided to move on to my old faithful. sled vacuum which had disposable bags and an electrical cord. It was great! There was no mid-job reload, the bag could hold all the fur that our puppy could throw. I always had to use it every day, but it worked like a charm. Dante did not disturb the noise, and did not chew the cord. He did not even seem to wonder where his fur was going. I have not been concerned about her shedding since I figured out an effective cure for flying fur. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I may have said, "What did they say to go through the void every year or two?"


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