Interior decoration ideas for a summer retreat


The summer is the ideal excuse to transform your home. There are many interior design ideas that you can apply to turn your space into a summer paradise. This year's trends are coming out of the traditional summer look with a cooler, brighter and more daring vibe.

Pastels are still essential for this season. They do not come in the usual delicate pinks and peaches, but in sweeter shades resembling pastry with vintage appeal. The walls enliven with soft shades close to those of the summer sky, leaving more room for blue rather than the usual warmer colors. Apply a color block with a deeper and richer color scheme. The goal is to get a consistent and fresh look. Have some pieces with brighter colors for a twist. Accessorize with natural handicrafts to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

A perfect and balanced color combination is not easy to obtain. Fortunately this summer, one of the most fashionable trends is the white mark of winter! Contrary to the idea that white is simple and boring, this basic palette could be highlighted by incorporating different textures, styles and finishes. Bring modern pieces and mix them with high-gloss lacquer antiques. Think of shiny chairs mixed with matte shelves, leather sofas, transparent curtains and fine carpets, all in this ethereal color. With a whitewashed wall as a backdrop, what you have is a clean but comfortable home that screams casual sophistication.

For a casual and fun space, adopt the unique result of tying a modernist structure to a Palm Springs style that is raging this season. Fresh interior design ideas for this exciting theme include vibrant tropical palettes for ceilings or floors to please the eyes. The traditional delicate floral print of the past summers has evolved into a bold and almost abstract form. With the upgrade of his look to a more complex and oversized masterpiece, he could now become the focal point of any room. This year's trend eliminates the most luxurious flowers from pillowcases and curtains and gives it well-deserved attention as a wallpaper that turns an ordinary wall into an elegant and oversized work of art.

Of course, highlighting color and pattern as the main actors, this theme gives elaborate shapes and dimensions to furniture. The simplified furniture makes the concept of urban tropics work with structures that contrast with more complex elements of the room. The idea is to return the usual interior decoration concept. Instead of highlighting simple elements to melt its simple background, walls and walls are now the main attraction, as they bring space to life. The functional parts are kept basic to better express this idea.

These are just some of the coolest interior design ideas for the summer. Choose the one that suits your location, while considering the comfort, the architectural aspects of your home and the compatibility of each with your personality. After all, this should be both your character and your sense of style!


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