Interior decoration ideas for children's rooms


Thinking of refreshing the look of your young child's room? Well, do not think too long – they will be adults before you know it! Having arranged children 's rooms in my latest projects, I thought that I could just share my thoughts on creating comfortable spaces for young people.

When you decorate kids rooms, always have a budget and plan. As children's tastes change very quickly, keep the shell and base of the room, such as walls, curtains, floor and furniture flexible enough to adapt to their ever-changing preferences. Choose a paint color that is not too fashionable to withstand the test of time. Always ask them to give their opinion on whether they like the chosen tones. To create a visual interest, you can add wallpaper borders (which can be easily removed in a timely manner) as accents. For a more dramatic impact in the room, consider painting a large mural (which can be easily painted later).

Opt for colorful but good quality fabrics for window treatments. Avoid overly childish models unless you are ready to replace the entire curtain once in a while. And try not to build furniture until the physical size, preferences and needs of the child are more or less stabilized. Younger children will find it more comfortable to write on these coffee tables meaning for children (available in all good departmental stores …). And do not hesitate to explore the colors and patterns for the bedding, as these are replaceable as they grow out of this child's room & # 39; Look.

Children tend to have a theme in mind for their personal refuge. Listen to them and try to incorporate appropriate elements to bring out that particular theme. Remember that when children participate in decision-making, they are more likely to "own" their new decor and keep it clean and tidy!


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