Interior decoration ideas for softening a black and white scheme


A pattern of interior decoration in black and white may seem harsh and sterile or warm and inviting – it really depends on how you use your own decoration Home ideas to soften a hard monochromatic palette.

Abundance of Prints

Standard black and white rooms without the worry of neutral design need not be boring, it can be as exciting as Any other color scheme and twice as sophisticated! All models or decorations often end up resembling an exhibition floor. Unless you want to feel like you are living in an IKEA ad, consider becoming a little funky with fat prints. Many designers choose to go with impressive patterned wallpaper to attach each item together, but sometimes this is simply not feasible. Instead, try throwing a large surface carpet that features organic shapes, such as zebra stripes or floral prints.

Apply these decorating ideas for reasons wisely, however. Too much chaos can make the room look even more interesting than an empty one. Instead of choosing bold furnishings for all furniture, try to limit your use of patterns to a chair or table – or use cushions or blankets with fun prints on simple furnishings. A large wall print can serve the same purpose while reducing the shock of a pure white or black wall.

Tone it Down or Pump it Up

Decorating ideas at home can make all the difference in a room filled with black and white rich black. Neutral beige and tan can do wonders by softening a monochromatic scheme. Gray is a popular and versatile choice – dark shades increase visual stability, while light gray seems to be open and carefree.

Limit yourself to just one or two colors of accent. Too many shades causes the eyes to jump into the room leaving an impression of disorganization. Stick with the same tones – if you choose pastel, stick with pastel;

Textures and Shapes

You can easily soften your black And white room by adding, you guessed it, soft textures. Light, billowy window curtains can make a world of difference – but not as much as a large area fluffy rug. Be playful when you layer the textures, there are no wrong answers! Introduce organic forms as much as possible – sculptures, driftwood pieces, a chandelier. If you have a garden or access to a nearby park, make sure you always have a vase of fresh flowers handy for an instant room renovation.

Your black and white room does not need to look like a lab! The monochromatic schemes can be just as interesting and playful as any other design – it just takes a little experimentation. One thing is certain: your boring room will not illuminate! Use these decorating ideas at home and make some of your own to transform your black and white room into an oasis of personal expression.


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