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Your house is something special. It's where you live, where you'll find warmth and security, shelter and so much more.

It's a sentimental place that is part of your life. So this place must be well decorated so that you have a good time and that you feel comfortable there. Because it is so important, you can not leave this decorative work in the hands of someone. There may be sites that tell you what's best and this is not for home design, but it's actually up to you. This is your house and your life; no one can really decide for you and influence you.

Depending on the style you have chosen for your home, on what theme, age or background, it should represent you in one way or another. Trying to shock is also an interesting theme because trying to shock others can have adverse effects if the way you try to impress is not personal.

Some things are imperative in the choice of decorating your home:

* Functionality – Your home must be functional in order to provide you with better access to different objects and it should not be a labyrinth. Keeping things simple is all that matters in the structure of the house.

* Originality – Your guests will be impressed if your "nursery" looks like anything else. It gives a good impression and denotes the fact that you are creative about serious aspects.

* Personal touch – Make the house look like you; do not adapt to something that does not represent you. Try to give something special to your home that can not be found anywhere else, this thing that interests you, this thing that you are passionate about. This is the true soul of your home. "A house is made of wood and stone, but only love can make a home."

* Security – Last but not least is security. The only thing that makes your home paradise and does not turn into a burning hell in a day, is how you make your home safe. There are dangers everywhere, and your home is and probably will be exposed to earthquakes, fires, landslides, bad weather, burglars, etc. For this home to be your little corner of personal comfort, make sure you never neglect security.

You see, a house can represent a landmark in his eyes, and if that person is you, stay for advice and information on how to decorate yourself at home.


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