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The concept of time has been an obsession since the beginning of civilization. The job of keeping time was the function of the analog clock. With the invention of the transistor in 1947, a new concept of timing was developed. The modern digital clock was presented to the public in 1956. Some archaeologists believe they have discovered drawings of a functional digital clock in the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Many designers choose to include large custom digital clock displays in their interior designs. An interior design challenge is created by the display features of digital clocks. The electronics involved in digital clocks allows for infinite customization. Freedom in the placement of a clock display is acquired through the use of solar power or small batteries for power.

Analog clocks are subject to mechanical wear due to the fundamental nature of the analog clock mechanism. Digital clocks are powered by electrical impulses and do not use the mechanical gear of traditional analog clocks. Therefore, most people believe that a digital stopwatch is more accurate than an analog clock. Theoretically, a digital clock should last for decades while keeping the perfect time.

The various national time servers located throughout the country allow digital wall clocks to connect wirelessly directly to these clocks. A digital wall clock wirelessly connected in this manner could be more accurate and require less attention from their owners than a traditional clock. Connected to a battery or solar power system, the display would be reset by the national time service directly on an hourly, daily or weekly basis and the owner should never have to worry about summer time or lost time. No more dead batteries to blame for being late for work!

The integration of large custom digital clocks directly into the design of a home has become commonplace. The digital wall clock displays integrated into the bathroom mirror have become very popular. An LED TV display can be included with the digital clock for an additional cost. A digital clock can be integrated into a favorite photo or painting with an adjustment to the style and color of the display.


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