Interior design and decoration ideas for old homes


The elements that you decide to incorporate into the design and decor of an old house depend on the current era of home design. Today, "old house" can mean anything from the classic 1970s split-level ranch house to the old estates built in the 1800s. Never think you're limited in your decorating choices because from the age of the house. There are many decor choices that work well with every old house, and one is sure to be a perfect match for your personal style and taste.

Where to begin.

You have several decisions to make when you decorate old homes. Take a lot of time to think about how you would like the house to look like; This includes the upgrades that you may need to do to incorporate all the decorating ideas into your home. Take into account that the home's electrical wiring may not be updated to a safe standard. Before upgrading your modern appliances, your personal electronics and your new lighting fixtures, have the electrical system inspected to make sure your electrical wiring can handle the entire electrical load. Have the plumbing inspected before attempting to install new water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines or upgrading bathrooms.

Decoration Ideas

You can choose to decorate according to the time of the house. models, furniture and accessories. A good place to get vintage ideas is from magazines and photos of homes from the historical era. You can opt for a vintage look combined with a modern twist, especially for the convenience of a modern kitchen and bathroom. You can also use pieces of antique furniture, and dress them in modern fabrics and colors. Another choice is to simply choose a favorite piece of furniture, or a favorite color and build your decorating scheme from there. Remember that if you decorate a large house with large rooms, your major pieces of furniture should be on the scale of the room, and then you can accessorize with smaller pieces in the remaining space. If you intend to use the furnishings and decor of a previous home, you will have to see what they look like and integrate into the old house. If they are scale and style complete the old house, then add paint and fabric to match your new color scheme to bring everything together as a coordinated set.


The lighting will be an important part of the design of your old home, especially if you are decorating a very old house. Lighting fixtures in older homes were rare, as were electrical outlets. If the home you are about to decorate does not already have improved lighting, you can put this at the top of your to-do list. The atmosphere and atmosphere of your home are, in many ways, determined by the types of lighting you choose and by how that lighting illuminates the rooms.


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