Interior design and redesign – What are the latest "must-haves" trends of luxury!


What are the "must-have" for luxury homeowners today. . . the most popular design trends and amenities that will provide them with a lifestyle, not just a place to live? What are they looking for that will help them create beautiful living spaces that meet their aesthetic, functional and economic objectives? . .

As an interior designer in Orlando, Florida, I work with clients to design or redesign their luxury homes. Initially, I meet with these owners to discuss ways to blend their lifestyle with their design style to meet the multiple needs of those who will live at home.

The general theme I hear from this clientele is the emphasis on convenience and simple sophistication. They want their home to be transformed, with an atmosphere that is only found in the 5 stars great retreats. Function and comfort have quickly become a priority for this upscale owner. They also want a home where they can close the door on the bustle of the outside world to entertain family and friends. In a word, they are looking for an oasis.

Here are some of the most popular design trends and amenities:

Interior and Exterior Space The luxury homeowner is looking for 3500 to 4000 square feet attic – minimum, with 4 to 5 bedrooms, 3 to 4 baths. They also require larger, optional outdoor living areas for booths, bars, pools, spas, leisure courts, rest areas, etc.

Entertainment Areas The kitchen has always been considered "home." Luxury homeowners want this area to be designed to meet their desire to entertain on a large scale, both formally and informally The gourmet kitchens for the interior and exterior are considered must-haves, with high-end eco-energy efficient electrical appliances, the wine cellars, the hotel master's pantry, the guard -department kitchen and service central islands have become planned amenities.

Oversized Master Bedroom / Bath Suites This area will often include a library, living room and bathroom. Spectacular bath where luxury owners can "retire, refresh and rejuvenate" physically and mentally! Best Egyptian sheets to a master bathroom pletes with multi-head showers without doors, hot tubs and heated towel rails / drawers. . . Paying attention to personalized individual design is essential to create the spa experience at home.

Home Office Suites Technology, the Internet and wireless communication have transformed our daily activities. Luxury homeowners view the internal office suites as their personal headquarters to manage their busy lives.

High Home Technology Advances in technology have helped to assemble a superior surround sound experience for home entertainment. People are watching more movies now than ever before. . . but, they must not leave the house to do it! The high performance of technology extends beyond entertainment to bathrooms and kitchens where sensory faucets that shut off and turn off automatically become a popular demand. Likewise, opening and closing the window by darkening the covers at the touch of a button has also become an extremely popular feature.

All of the above trends and amenities have been designed to delight, meet changing needs, improve quality of life. . . and lifestyle, the most discriminating owners.


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