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Comfort and beauty are the criteria for setting up your home. Most people, however, do not realize that it does not take as much time and money to make your home comfortable, clean, convenient and beautiful too!

He only needs your creativity, an eye for good color combinations and just a fraction of the know-how in interior design.

You could try hanging and putting clothes in a corner of the curtain, rather than hanging them on your walls or behind the doors. You could put bright, fresh shadows on your doors and windows and cut down heavy curtains and draperies. Unclutter your table tops and replace them with a proportional vase on the coffee tables. Throw your sofa wide and bulky, throw in a soft and comfortable carpet with brightly colored cushions on your floor. Guests would certainly be floored by your home's interior scheme.

This take does not come in the blink of an eye, however. It needs more than a little planning, otherwise your interior design will come out a hodgepodge of colors and other things. For example, a new corner available can be enough space for your TV, then you discover that all the light from the window is reflected by the TV screen.

When you install your furniture, you must be aware of the natural light – it should be able to enter freely, in the rooms, in the writing areas and the television or computer screens do not reflect the light or the opposite side. like a window or door opening to the sky. Windows and doors must have enough space to be fully open.

One of the principles of interior decoration is that the walls and ceilings are in pastel shades. These reflect the light and will further illuminate your home. Paint your doors and windows in colors or shades similar to your walls to create a cool and fresh atmosphere.

Curtains add to the creation of a room's ambience. The serrated curtains create delicacy, curtains of bright colors invigorate an otherwise dull room; The dark and heavy curtains give a peaceful and relaxing environment. There are different color schemes for the bedroom, living room and the interior design kitchen for you to choose from.

You can also mix and match the colors of the furniture in the rooms of your home to reflect your individuality in the design of your home. The cane wood furniture appears light but is really strong and easily portable. Heavy upholstered furniture denotes luxury and rest.

Identify your personality and direct your taste towards your interior. This is, after all, your own home, your refuge and your refugee.


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