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When you buy your first home or reinstall it in a new home, there are many things you want to do with your new space. After protecting your new purchase with home insurance, you are able to add your own personal style. There are many stores that you can choose when you start decorating. Where are you supposed to start watching? This article will look at some options you have when you start decorating. These are just a start to what exists for you, but it will help you start your search.

If you have a small space or if you like loft style, then IKEA may be right for you. IKEA is an international private company that sells ready-to-assemble furniture to the public. These products can go anywhere from cookware to a bed or even kitchen cabinets. The company was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweeden. IKEA is now the third largest consumer of wood behind The Home Depot and Lowe's. The stores are arranged so that customers have to cross the entire showroom before entering the warehouse and then go out. This design allows the best selling tactics for IKEA. This gives customers multiple opportunities to buy products.

If you prefer a more traditional European style, then Crate and Barrel may be more to your taste. The first store was opened in Chicago by Gordon and Carole Segal. The couple found their concepts when they were on vacation in Europe. Their goal was to offer products at a reasonable price. Today, there are more than 170 stores in the United States alone.

Operating outside the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, Pottery Barn is another option for those looking to decorate their new space. Not only did Pottery Barn operate as a main channel, but they also launched two smaller lines, PBteen and Pottery Barn Kids. Paul Secon and Morris Secon founded the company together in 1950.

Another option is to watch local chain stores in your city. These may vary so there will be some research needed on your part. You can also search for the best deals that your city may have to offer. These stores can range from upscale, contemporary styles to more traditional and older pieces. For the thrifty buyer, you can find discount furniture stores that offer amazing pieces at a great price.

Decorating can be one of the best moments when you move, but it can also be stressful. If you feel overwhelmed, there are many things you can do. First, take your time. You have plenty of time to accumulate things for you. If you still feel overwhelmed, you might consider hiring a decorator. They can show you the best ways to decorate your home and take care of all the decisions for you. Just make sure you get insurance for your home before starting any decoration.


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