Interior Design Essentials – How Architecture Affects Design


The architecture of a building or a room can have a dramatic effect on its ultimate design. Interior design is not always about changing things or creating something new. The best designs often take on an aspect of the room or building and make it the focal point to enhance the style that it already presents.

Designers who have an eye on this form of improvement and who are willing to step back are likely to succeed in a world of series that care little about the integrity of design, but who want only be the first to try something new. and weird.

When you're trying to design a room, take a look at its architectural design to help set an ambiance and style. While you might be able to empty an old worn Victorian kitchen and become a modern modern, something would definitely be lost. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to show off your talent and ingenuity by trying to capture the essence of the architectural style and taste preserving the style so as to allow the owner to enjoy all the amenities modern today?

Keep an eye on the unique dimensions of the room; unusual windows; notch moldings and moldings; old fireplaces and doors. Of course, it would be easy to tear (or paint on) and old brick fireplace and replace it with a new smooth travertine, but ask yourself fir trees is something important would be lost if you did.

Too many buildings today are built in exactly the same way, making the designer's work harder to try and creating a unique setting for every office owner. When you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to remake a local artifact, use its unique design and architecture to showcase its beauty – even if it does not really fit your personal style.

So, what should you look for when you make your first visit of ideas? Here are some places to start:

Original Fixtures.

Although original fixtures and plumbing fixtures can rarely be used as -is, you can either redo them or buy new "retro" ones that offer the same style as the original ones. original, but newer. . The same is true for things like old claw-footed tubs; sinks and even ovens found in the kitchen.

Wood paneling.

Many older homes and buildings feature beautiful wood paneling and hardwood floors. It can be expensive and time to redo or tear or paint them, but it is worth it.

Large window sills and older boxes.

Preserving old windows can be difficult because there are energy savings to consider. But, it is possible to preserve the same look and feel of older windows and still be able to achieve more modern temperature control.

Classical colors.

One way to preserve an older style is to use original colors in the rooms and on the outside. Look for the original time period of the building to see what was popular at its peak.


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