Interior design: good decor – good life


Psychology of Color

Although color is considered acquired in design, the correct color should be chosen. Fast food restaurants use colors such as yellow and red to attract more customers, which is great for business. This is a prime example of how color has been found to affect us. Colors are also attached to our memories and inner feelings. If you had a blue room as a child and you had a lot of positive memories, you will connect positively with the blue color. Some colors can also make you feel angry, nervous and sad.

Self Reflection

Interior decoration is appreciated when a home looks like a home, not just a home. So how do you avoid creating some kind of boring look? Make all decisions based on your personality and personal taste. Choose furniture that you like 100% with accessories and works of art. Bringing past memorabilia is always a great way to reflect the past and allow you to continue. Having furniture and accessories that reflect your personality will also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Functional spaces create a good flow

Have you ever bought oversized furniture that filled a room? A dining table that is so close to the sofa will be uncomfortable. Once we are uncomfortable, we are frustrated and always avoid the area to end the dilemma. Functional spaces with good spacing and good planning allow a room to "sink" pleasantly, which makes the room quiet.

Feeling of belonging

When a play is planned and it really reflects you, there is a sense of belonging. You feel comfortable, safe and assured. The addition of family photos and friends is a great example of how art can make us belong. A custom piece indicates that the piece is your space, your world.

Importance of scale

Have you ever noticed that homes with a typical 9 foot foot tend to feel more comfortable than 12 foot ceilings? Some people like to have a lot of space and others do not. Larger spaces can be a person feel more free or luxurious, but can make another person feel irrelevant.


All forms of art, be it music, sculpture or painting, affect our emotions. Listening to a classic song against metal will create different emotions. Classical music can give us hope or determination when metal music can make us vengeful or daring. The art communicates a statement and can be positive or negative.

Interior decoration is a simple way to plant this seed of happiness in our lives. The right decor can have a huge impact on your life.


Source by Valarie Baser

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