Interior Design Idea – Make a new house look old


Let's be honest, not everyone wants a house that looks like a new spanking. Due to the proliferation of too many homes that are dressed in a predictable contemporary style, people are exploring other options to stand out from the cookie cutter design. And how do they do that? Some have taken the road less traveled by opting for unconventional themes such as industrialization or avant-garde. Others have decided to introduce a hint of history into their homes – Art Deco, Victorian, Retro-50 and Frank Lloyd Wright, the Prairie, fascinates them.

It is easy to renovate an old place – just spend money to renovate it. Dressing up a new place to make it look like it was there for a long period of time is not so simple, although there are some simple tips to do it. Antiques and vintage furniture come immediately to mind. But that's not all.

Start with the walls. There are many fake painting techniques to achieve a distracted look. Porter's original paintings offer many paint products adapted to make work easier. Otherwise, there is a wide range of wallpaper design to choose from in the market. For those who are more adventurous, raw materials like unfinished and battered brick walls also add decades to the design. When it comes to colors, be careful not to choose something too bright and modern – pastel shades often create a comfortable, nostalgic look.

To heal the freaks, junk stores and antiques can be like little horror shops at times. With porcelain vases, worn-out colonial style window frames and other odds and ends spread on the floor, you would not think you have the opportunity to sneak up to the end of the shop without spilling a gramophone. But the fact is that you will have a chance after an artifact of exquisite craftsmanship and rich history, unless you really have dirty hands.

Do not neglect the finer details either. Vintage and retro lighting accessories and lighting help to unify the entire theme, while glossy aluminum door handles and handles do not speak "old". Add works of art from the time that inspired your home and you will enjoy a life experience that offers you the best of yesterday and today. .


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