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So, you want to redecorate, you want to create a house with a personal touch, that can always say "welcome", relieve your worries, make you happy, relax or calm you down.

he: with good light.

Stop browsing fancy magazines. If you do not have the money and the skills to reproduce these wonders, you will end up with an interior devoid of personal touch. Instead, use your imagination. Design the interior of your home according to your particular wishes.

Let's say you like blue, but you already have new white furniture and that makes no sense to replace them. Or maybe you just want to avoid selling it (and going over it) and buying new products. Whatever your reasons, you can still get the "blue" mood of your desire through the light: controllable light.

We are not talking about dimmers. We are talking about full color control options. We are talking about LED lights and mood lights.

LEDs are no longer the troublesome kitsch lights used a few years ago to draw our attention to a new product. LEDs are no longer used only for traffic lighting and automotive lighting. LEDs are now used in light therapy, ambient lighting, accent lighting, landscape lighting, building lighting and so on. Because LEDs are economical, environmentally friendly (they do not pollute: no UV emissions, no IR emissions – unless they are not built – no noise emissions), the LEDs are controllable! RGB LEDs (red, green, blue), based on what engineers call "three-chip technology," are capable of displaying more than 16 million colors, far more than human eyes. The LEDs are wonderful and their light. beyond the description!

The best part is that you can choose from thousands of LED products which you can afford and still have exclusive, somehow unique lighting to amaze your guests and create a good mood in your home. For example, look for controllable LED cubes – not the ones you can use as ice cubes for your cocktails (yes, that's also possible!), But the ones you can use to replace your coffee table. For example, NeoNeon offers ambient LED cubes that you can use as chandeliers, while My-tronic offers LED cubes of different sizes for multiple uses. While Traxon is the "real deal" when it comes to the mood lights, they are still a little too expensive. Many other companies offer similar products at affordable prices. Simply browse the web and order what best fits your design expectations: LED tubes, LED strips, LED spotlights, LED wall panels or why not. LED strings (think of Christmas – think of safe lighting!). Just remember to look for "controllable" LED light sources.

Why? Because you want to control the light, set the color of your choice: blue to relax, red to create a romantic and attractive atmosphere, green to bathe in a room of color hope, purple, purple or pink. You want to be able to dim the light or make it brighter. You can even create the rainbow with a controllable LED light source, or any other lighting effect! You want a source of light for years to come, a source that may look different each day.


Source by Michael Russell

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