Interior design mistakes to avoid


Peter wanted to be his own interior designer. He made the effort to study every design magazine about what's in it and what's coming out of it. He paid a contractor for the money to reproduce all the drawings that he liked in the pages. He chose the best color scheme in the world. Or he thought. He splurged on the most expensive furniture imported from Europe for his 700 square foot apartment. But Peter still does not like his house at the end. Anyone who has tried to play the role of interior designer himself will admit to making some mistakes. along the way. Dear ones here.

I can write a 100-page book on design mistakes to avoid, but I prefer not to do it because it bores you to tears. I can list all the funny things that people like Peter do to their homes, but I know that there will always be people who act the same way as him.

1. Interior design is like fashion design. You do not read Elle or Vogue, and try to combine a Versace blouse with Galliano pants just because you like them – individually. No, it does not work that way.

Designing spaces at home without thinking about how they come together is a road map to a disaster.

2. Getting furniture and equipment regardless of the size and proportion of the interior space is equivalent to buying a pair of shoes without knowing what is the size of your feet. One day, I had a client who was so excited about his new couch that he did not realize that there was only one space of 1 ftt of width for traffic.

And he is a GREAT man. Ouch.

3. Everyone has a thing or two about high level art just like they do haute couture. But take note that great art does not mean that art floats in this void above the couch.

4. A bright space always looks attractive, and you might think that a 100 sq. Ft. Room installed with 10 halogen recessed lights on the ceiling looks hot. But every halogen bulb is extremely hot too.

And beware, a house is not a museum.

5. Distinguish between matchy and boring. When everything in the room matches, it becomes so sure that it is boring. Please, the idea of ​​buying a furniture suite of the same design fizzled out centuries ago.

Variety is the spice of life and interior design.

6. 4 rainbow colors that go well are good on the walls of a child's room. But why do I continue to see the living room double as one?

Colors can be fun, but use them wisely.

Still want to be your own interior designer? Good for you.


Source by Stanley Tham

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