Interior Design Predictions – Five Interior Design Predictions for 2010


Here is the recap of our indoor design trends forecast for 2010 and beyond.

Natural Materials – Solid wood floors have been popular for several years and it is not surprising that this trend will continue in 2010. Natural materials will become more popular in other parts of the world. world. the house too. Think furniture and solid wood accessories instead of glass, plastic or metal, preferably wood that shows the grain with previously less popular woods like mango, sheesham or acacia. Even the good old pine will come back. Natural stone is also in it.

Classic Vintage Looks – Minimalist hard lines are out to be replaced with rustic or vintage country style. Pay attention to velvet rugs or animal skin rugs, Chesterfield sofas, rustic furniture of antique and oriental inspiration and printed fabrics and wall coverings. Perfection is there, warmth and comfort are at the rendezvous.

Green – The color of this year will be green in all its forms. Teal and turquoises are certainly hot and bold floral prints will be popular. Mix with creams and broken whites for a classic color combination. Alternatively, mix light teals with splashes of bold accent colors such as purple oranges.

Green, still – We already mentioned color but this time we mean "eco-friendly". Sustainable development is no longer for ecologists and some great sustainable products come this way. Look for durable wood items such as bamboo and mango wood. Recycled items are also very hot, especially recycled and recycled furniture and accessories, crafts and used items that have been revamped. Not so many recycled cans, more repainted or upholstered classics and inventive use of materials.

Staying in – Since the recent economic downturn, more and more people decide to entertain at home rather than go out. This trend will continue in 2010 and beyond. Comfortable and stylish designs are a must if you¡¯re entertaining at home and nothing creates a talking point as an elegantly reoriented item. Now it's time to unearth this old Chesterfield sofa and get it back in a printed fabric or repaint this old battered coffee table. Be creative with ideas. This summer, it will be great for outdoor entertaining, weather permitting, and the same design trends will be popular on the outside as well as in solid wood garden furniture, planting plantations, and more. Oriental influence and reused items.

As with all trend predictions, this is only a prediction. We are not saying that you should rush and buy everything on our list, these are just a list of items that we think are popular this year. Make sure to make your own home and decorate it as you prefer. After all, are you the person who will live there and what good is it to spend time decorating your own home in a way that you do not like?


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