Interior Design: Shabby Chic


Shabby chic shades

The colors used in shabby chic are subtle but can be powerful in combination. Pale pink and egg blue combine with ivory and almost ethereal yellows. Silver is the predominant metallic hue, though pale gold and copper verdigris can work as highlights. The most adventurous designers can experiment with pale lilac, turquoise and jade. The aged wood furniture can harmonize beautifully, so that pale wood colors and sometimes beige blend well with pale gray often highlighting other shades.

Decorating a Room

Shabby chic look positions clutter the simplicity areas. Two walls can be painted in simple tones and hung with some old photos, while others can be clad in floral wallpaper and covered with interesting objects – clocks, calendars, richly framed mirrors, sprigs of flowers dried, horseshoes and eclectic images cut magazines. The trick is to subtly coordinate the color and tone.

For windows, three-quarter curtains with flowers, letters or musical engravings work beautifully, as well as plantation shutters of different colors that complete the room. The ceilings can be painted in a number of pale shades, but really need cornices – or at least angle – to bring out the look. Traditional Georgian cornices can be painted to bring out natural or heavenly themes. A central rosette can be enhanced with a chandelier.

The shabby chic rooms look good with ordinary floors, especially if they are old and uneven. Sheepskin rugs or faded Persian rugs work well. Ideally, each room should have a fireplace. The old chimneys can often be bought from junk shops and if they are not in perfect condition, they just look better.

Furniture Arrangement

A shabby chic piece can be beautiful with several antique furniture mixed together. Straight sofas suit the style and can be surprisingly comfortable to sit on. Even a bench, draped in white lace, makes a good perch for a hallway or landing. Damask silk is the number one choice for cushions and bedspreads, but plain or unbleached cotton or linen works equally well.

Every shabby chic home needs dressers – the more drawers there are, the better it is – and these look better when they are painted. Dressing tables can be cluttered with small glass bottles that capture light and form dull color pools, or accessorized with sets of antique silver hairbrushes. Shelves should be lined with old leather bound books in various states of repair, with ornaments of glass and porcelain and antique figurines. Each part of the house can be filled with fascinating found objects that bring out its natural beauty. The only limit is your imagination.


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