Interior Design The Feng Shui Way


Many people looking for a harmonious living space are turning to the ancient Chinese feng shui system. Translated into English, feng shui means water-wind and the system is based on life in balance with nature.

Feng Shui fuses the laws of heaven (astronomy) and earth (geography) to optimize the amount of chi (also spelled qi) available. Chi is the energy that runs through life and in the operator, you can achieve great things.

In terms of interior design, it revolves around the organization of objects in your home in accordance with various rules to achieve harmony with the environment and the optimal flow of chi. If done successfully, it permeates the piece of joss (luck) and contributions to health, wealth and happy relationships.

The successful implementation of feng shui requires the use of two main tools. The first is the maps or diagrams known as bagua and the second is the special compass called the luopan. The bagua is associated with the I Ching symbols or delivers changes and has eight specialized areas in the form of trigrams.

A practical example of feng shui is the need to align your gateway so that it copes with your great prosperity direction. This will allow Joss, wealth and happiness to enter easily. For the same reason, it is important to keep the area around the door free of objects that could hinder the flow of energy.

There are many schools of feng shui and the theory that underlies them is very complex. If you want to harmonize your home, you will need an expert.

Essentially, he will examine your home and according to factors such as the shape and size of the rooms and the colors of the walls, will determine the optimal colors and arrangement of the items to bring the optimal flow of chi and realizes thus the cosmic balance.


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