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I understand that many people do not have the luxury of living in large spaces. Not even if you have money to burn! Come on, new homes are shrinking every day, and even private homes are not spared these days. But for those lucky enough to stay in larger spaces, there can also be many challenges in terms of design and layout. If things are not done right, the space can overwhelm you and make you extremely uncomfortable.

In my humble opinion, the first step is to divide the entire space into sections and create the feeling of a series of functional areas that bind to each other in a coherent way. For example, designate an area in the living room to watch TV and another as a casual work area, connecting to a third area – with sofas and all – to spend some quiet moments with guests who appear. Put on your thinking hat and place screens or partitions to break the space where appropriate.

Next, think about setting up several points of interest in the room. TV is obviously one. Other focal points could be a display unit on the other side, or just something like an oversized shade. Otherwise, a work of art or a mirror on the wall will also do the trick. In the meantime, I can not stress enough how practical mats will come in, especially in a house with a large floor space.

Yet while you are doing all this, remember not to lose your sanity and congest the space with too much furniture too. Leave empty spaces in a room is always necessary, and its importance can not be ignored.


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