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What makes designers what they are? What makes them decide on a particular decor, a certain furniture, this carpet, this coffee table? And, more importantly, what differentiates their interior designs from any ordinary housewife simply trying to create a home out of a home?

Like any area of ​​expertise, interior design and the feat of choosing furniture for your home require basic principles. Fortunately for the ignorant housewife, she does not need to be a secret rocket scientist and she does not need to rush to the nearest university for a course intensive in interior design. These basic principles, tips and guides are as simple as 1-2-3.


Unity simply means having the same motif, the same theme for a particular room in your home. For example, while trying to redecorate your living room, you decide to go with a Victorian style with Burgundy colors. By choosing furniture, rugs, paintings and other decor for your Victorian living room, make sure that they fit perfectly into the Victorian look. Opt for plush couches with finely carved wooden armrests. Opt for curtain tassels with similar tones that correspond to thick curtains with elaborate patterns. A minimalist glass coffee table or an irregularly shaped chair shaped metal chair in light blue color will simply not suffice in a Victorian living room. Design unit means all the elements, all the pieces of furniture in the room are folded together and unified by a single theme.

Balance and Proportion

A very important element of Western aesthetics and design is the balance or proportion. This element simply means that the elements of a room must be well distributed or placed equally and strategically throughout the room. Avoid overloading part of the room and leaving another area bare to the eyes. A good room with the appropriate balance and proportion should have symmetry. Symmetry creates a feeling of serenity and stability in the room.

Anyone can create a beautiful house. With the help of these two basic elements in design, anyone can choose a furniture design without fear of being moved into your new home. If you only stick to a design that is qualified for your personality and follow these two elements above, nothing can go wrong. Choosing furniture models to suit your tastes, but adapting them to these two elements, will certainly make your new home a reflection of your personality.


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