Interior Design – What is the ideal height of the ceiling?


In these times, people are reexamining the notion of "the bigger it is, the better it is". This is seen in all aspects of society, but is particularly visible in the design of housing. We have all been in houses with high ceilings. Although impressive, the experience of living in these homes has not been very satisfying.

There are first of all the practical considerations of heating and cooling these rooms. It just costs more to package a larger volume than a smaller one. It is also a technical challenge to provide comfortable warmth in a room with high ceilings due to the fact that the heat is increasing.

A second, more subtle reason to build rooms with more human ceiling heights is instinctively simple feel more comfortable in them. This is the same reason that most people prefer a secluded cabin in a restaurant at the table in the center of a large dining room, especially one with high ceilings.

So, what is the ideal height of the ceiling? Of course, it is a matter of personal preference; but I will give my opinion. For smaller rooms, say 120 to 200 square feet, my preferred height is 9 feet. For me, it's a nice balance of openness and luxury compared to the old standard 8-foot, but maintains an intimate feel. For larger rooms, like living spaces and large rooms, I like a ceiling height of ten feet. For me, it feels right for larger rooms. The best way to determine the right ceiling height is to simply take note of the room in which you are comfortable and mentally note the height of the ceiling.


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