International Beauty Secrets For Teenage Girls


Have you ever been curious about what other girls in other countries were locking up in the US to make them look and feel beautiful? Many of their beauty secrets are passed down from grandmother to their daughters, who will then pass them on to their daughters. You can get beauty tips and secrets that are hundreds of years old.

These beauty tips have been updated for young women today.

In Italy, teens learn life from teenage girls to prevent their eyelids from breaking, they apply castor oil to them the night before bedtime.

In China, young women take a teaspoon of rosemary oil and mix it in a cup of green tea. They then pour this on their head as a final rinse to make sure their hair really shines.

In Egypt, to help keep their teeth white and beautiful, the girls take a combination of baking soda and coarse salt, then apply them with their fingers and let them rest for a minute.

In Japan, seaweed is the greatest beauty secret found in Japan. It is sold in supermarkets and is prized for its cleansing and toning and its ability to shine the skin. Teens use it on their bodies for cellulite and on their faces as masks as well as in their salads to help their hair grow. Did you know that in ancient Japan teenagers blackened their teeth as a beauty status? It is a good thing that it is not something that is done now that it was not very good for their teeth.

In Australia, young girls like to walk barefoot and wear revealing sandals. To get flawless feet, they rub the avocado skins all over their rough areas and they like to wear shiny nail polishes.

In Poland, honey is their greatest beauty secret for women of all ages. Teen moms will warm the honey for their daughters, who will then apply it on all faces as a super moist facial treatment. Young women are well known for using honey as a lip softening treatment. What a way to make your lips soft!

In Spain, sometimes, when the girls are too partyy, they can have black circles under the eyes. A common problem all over the world, it seems. To fix the fact that they had too much fun the night before the Spanish teenagers take a potato and cut it very thin. They will then apply on their eyes for ten minutes to allow the juice to see in the dark and extract it.

The best beauty advice that could be offered to teens of different heritages and cultures is to ask your mother what her beauty secrets were when she was growing up and what she's doing now to stay as beautiful as # She was in her teens. Her beauty secrets might as well be simply using products that you can find in your kitchen.


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