Interpreting Body Language Attraction Signals and Gestures of the Opposite Sex


Did you know that the body language of men and women will change radically in the presence of the opposite sex. For example, a man will automatically straighten his body, rise a little higher, and avoid all those collapsed or collapsed postures.

When a man is in the company of a woman who interests him, he will do his best to appear more dominant by pulling in his stomach and extending his chest.

Let us say by coincidence that the woman that he loves here shares the same interest and takes a liking to this man, she will also appear to be automatically subjected by gestures like turning and exposing her wrists, tilting her head slightly and touching her hair.

The interesting thing is that the gestures of this man and this woman were delivered unconsciously on an automatic answer mode. Well, there are of course those intentional and coordinated gestures of attraction and flirting that have been consciously made.

What Kind of Attraction Men's Gestures Use

Men do not have a lot of attraction and flirtation gestures compared to women. When a man is interested in a woman, he is content to focus his actions on his masculinity and on the macho-man image.

Normally, his gestures will begin by stroking his hair, smoothing and straightening his clothes, adjusting his tie if he wears one, and often chin forward. At the same time, he will extend his chest, straighten his back and pull into his stomach as mentioned before.

A man will normally show his masculinity and domination by placing his thumbs in his belt, and pointing them to his crotch. It's actually a very common sight of men using gestures to emphasize his manhood.

What Kind of Attraction Gestes Women Use

On the contrary, when a woman is interested in a man, she will blow up tons of signs and signals for her. to inform of his feelings. Unfortunately, however, many men are totally unaware of these signs and signals. To make matters worse, women sometimes unintentionally send out conflicting signals by trying to manipulate men to make their feelings for her. Very often it will end up with confused men and resulting with them by avoiding and not addressing it.

In a room, when a woman finds the man she is attracted to, she will normally look at it until she catches her eye and thus forming the first eye contact. She will then keep eye contact for two to three seconds before looking elsewhere. Subsequently, she will show other gestures to express her interest for this particular type.

One of the most commonly used gestures by a woman around a man that she is attracted to is the hair clip action. What's going on here, is that the woman will move her hair away from a face or over her shoulder in a sensual way. Surprisingly, this gesture is also practiced by many women with short hair.

When a woman slowly and suggestively strokes her neck or thigh, she lets the man understand that he might be able to touch her in this way as well as he can . captivate and hypnotize to his pleasure. It is the gesture of oneself that is frequently used by women.

Another gesture to watch for is the wrist gesture falling. This gesture is often used to get the maximum effect when stroking a cylindrical object. Women like to use this gesture to make a guy believe that he could have total control of it. This falling wrist gesture is perceived by many men as a signal of submission.

A similar seduction gesture used by women to attract man will be the nape gesture. This is another submissive gesture seen by men in the same way as the falling wrist gesture. As suggested here, the woman will wear her neck to the man by tilting her head to one side of her shoulder.

Does he / she already see someone else?

The person sees someone who is interested, most often the reason that prevents him from going to that person to chat is the thought that maybe this person Is not single and already sees someone else. Therefore, putting forward the notion of perhaps that someone else is there, or could happen soon.

Imagine this scenario in a bar, a beautiful lady is attracted by this charming and handsome guy within a group of people in the room. She then uses the gaze technique to make eye contact indicating that she is interested in him.

The guy seemed to be a bit oblivious to his signals, or maybe he's just a little shy. Then the lady may decide that she should rather go out there and give this shy man the opportunity to start a conversation with her. While she was about to move, a lovely woman joined the group and now stands beside the charming guy. Apparently, this charming lady seems to belong to the same group, and she seems to be very close to this guy.

Now the question "Are they in a relationship? appears in the mind of this beautiful lady. She wonders if she should stay where she is, or continue to go there? Most often and most likely, just to play safety, the decision will be to stay where she is to avoid any embarrassing or embarrassing situation.

My Own Intimate Zone

Not only is it natural, but also a scientific fact proved that the fact that two people sit, stand or stand together 39, one next to the other is very close to the closeness and intimacy that unite them to each other

. intimate area. The size of this area may vary slightly from one person to another, but only at a minimal rate. It begins with the body itself, extending up to a foot and a half and half a meter from it. To that person, everything in that intimate zone belongs to them or is considered theirs.

Parents, siblings, spouses, lovers, children, close relatives and very close friends are normally within 50 cm of each other. Like them, only those who are considered emotionally close to us can be allowed to cross this spatial barrier and enter the intimate zone. Any uninvited foreigner who enters this area will be considered an act of intimidation and hostility, prompting the person to get away from the intruder immediately.

This is perhaps the main reason people will stay for years with the same doctor. or dentist, even traveling miles to get there, rather than under the stress of allowing a stranger to enter their intimate zone.

High Touch Properties

Something they feel is theirs. They do it in different ways using the fingers, arms, feet and even the buttocks. For example, a person will sometimes sit on the walls with his back and shoulder, or will sit on the tables with his buttocks when she is at home. However, you will not be able to witness these behaviors if they are with people they are not familiar with.

The same rules apply here with couples holding hands, brushing their arms while walking, or arranging and adjusting each other's clothes. One of the most common signals that you will always notice everywhere will be the way women demonstrate ownership to their man by placing his palm flat on his chest. The same kind of display can also be seen here when a man places his hand on the waist or back of his partner.

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder

is a big difference between what is attractive to men and women, who are supposed to come from our prehistoric ancestors of hunters (men) and food collectors (women).

Women in general tend to be attracted to powerful, assertive and independent men, qualities that strongly suggest the person as a capable provider and reliable father for their children. On the other hand, what men find attractive in women is usually based more on their visually appealing exterior.

In both cases, as men or women, focusing on these qualities, we always hope to make ourselves more attractive (beauty or personality) to the opposite sex and have a bigger choice of possible partners to choose.

While the interest in others is demonstrated by body language, we should never use it to manipulate others. Really attractive people are those who see themselves as what they really are, and who still believe in themselves.


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