iPhone 4 Repair – Understanding the Pros and Cons of Repairing the iPhone 4


The new iPhone 4, like the old iPhone 3G and 3G, can be repaired by a qualified technician. The repair on the new iPhone 4 is very different from that of previous versions such as iPhone 3G and 3Gs models. The new iPhone 4 is more closely related to the general design of the iPhone 2G. For many, the new design will be disappointing when it comes time to make simple repairs because of the complexity and changes made to several key elements of the iPhone 4 design. The most notable problem is the replacement of the glass front and digitizer on the iPhone 4. The new design can be compared to the old iPhone 2G where the glass and the digitizer are merged to the LCD. Some iPhone 2G users who have hacked their front window may have encountered a similar problem when they tried to replace their front window. For users who break their glass on the iPhone 4, a complete replacement of the front window and the LCD will most likely be necessary to perform the repair properly.

The merged LCD screen of the new iPhone 4 is a new obstacle when replacing the front window. We believe that Apple has made the change to compensate for both the space inside the iPhone 4 and to eliminate the problem of dirt and debris between the front glass and the glass. LCD screen. While this is good for the overall well-being of the iPhone 4, it is a cost problem for those who need to replace the front glass and / or digitizer. The new glass replacements on the iPhone 4 range from $ 180 to $ 220 because the replacement parts are much more expensive than buying a new front glass and a new digitizer . This is mainly due to the need to replace the LCD screen. The working time has also increased considerably with the new design, because it takes longer to change the assembly of the front panel of the iPhone 4.

that this repair is very technical and will take about twice as much time that a 3G or 3GS to complete properly. About 90% of the internal components of the iPhone 4 will need to be removed to perform this repair properly.


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