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Finding the right jeans can sometimes be a hate experience especially if you tend to be on the heavier side. Knowing how to dress for the shape of one's body can work wonders for your wardrobe and turn your shopping experience into a quick and joyous activity instead of the self-deprecating agitation that it can be . There are four main body shapes, apple, pear, rectangle and hourglass. Each form has its own characteristics and Do's rules of conduct. s and Don & # 39; ts. Although the hourglass figure is the most coveted form, everyone comes with his bag of blessings and struggles. Being honest with yourself when defining your shape will only help you know your body type and fashion tips that will fit your form.

Jeans for the apple shape
Your upper body is larger in proportion than your lower body. You have broad shoulders and usually med to big burst. Your buttocks tend to be flatter, but your legs are finely shaped. When you gain weight, it tends to go to your middle section. Wide pants or jeans will make you look longer and thinner. Light-colored jeans will add shape to your thighs and legs. You want to stay simple so stay clear of the diagrams. Boot and flared cut are good too. Weaving dogs (if you know how to walk in them) will add height and balance to your body. Embroidery on or pockets, large back pockets can add thickness if you have a flatter back. Stay away from very long pockets on the back, this only makes the tramp flatter. You want your funds to be lighter in color then your top to add a balanced silhouette.

Pear Shape Jeans
You tend to gain more weight in your lower half and your upper body is noticeably smaller than lower. You have narrow shoulders and back, usually small or medium bust paired with sinuous things and calves. Make sure your jeans are always dark in color. This does not mean getting married black, just make sure the bottom room is darker than the top. Stay away from the models, they attract attention and make the big and curvy bigger and more curved. Stay away from cropped pants, and heavy embroidery on the back pockets. High-waisted pants tend to make the junk appear in the bigger boot. Opt for medium to low funds; This will make the hips thinner. Flare or boot cut is the best.

Jeans For Rectangle
While your waistline may not be so defined, you tend to have beautiful arms and legs. The measurement of your hips and shoulders is balanced with a straight torso. Your bust is average and you tend to have a wide back. When you gain weight, it tends to go to the stomach and thighs. The straight cut and the cut of boots are perfectly suited to this shape. Because this shape usually comes with a flatter back, try looking for pots or jeans with wider pockets, or with flaps to help define your bottom and make it look more complete. Wide leg jeans are very flattering and create more curves for this shape. Rectangles could also flip jeans or skinny pants, depending on your construction.

Hourglass-shaped jeans
The top and bottom of your body are generally equal in size. You have a small size that shrinks in. You are very winding and tend to be completely busted. You have curved legs with broad shoulders that are symmetrical to your hips. The hourglass figure can pretty much carry all styles of pants. Wide leg or flared jeans are an excellent choice for this form. If you are on the side of the trim, the skinny jeans work just as well. You can also make high-waisted pants, keep in mind that they make the butt look bigger, so if that's the look you're looking for, this cut will do it. High-waisted pants can also help hold in the "muffin-top". If you're on the heavier size, the medium-sized jeans are the best. The low rise jeans are perfect as long as your torso is not longer than the bottom half. Play with the options according to your age, weight and style.


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