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The law of attraction is a popular phenomenon that encourages the theory that you can attract everything you want in your life by thinking about it. Now, this is a 30,000-foot view of the law of attraction, because after a closer look, many more factors are needed to ensure the success of the manifestation of what you want in your life. Religious fundamentalists have criticized the law of attraction because of its emphasis on the pursuit of material goods and because it seems that the law of attraction places the power of creation solely on the the individual, as opposed to God, which is not an embroidered concept in fundamentalist religious ideology. .

The law of attraction gained its popularity by the huge success of the book and movie "The Secret". If you only use "The Secret" as an argument against the law of attraction because of the simplicity of the principles of LOA (Law of Attraction) and the hedonistic tone of the film, you will have to maybe accept. But, the true value of "The Secret" was the mass exhibition of the book / film provided to the general public on the LOA concept. Before the production of "The Secret", the very idea of ​​participating in the design of your life was totally alien. There is no doubt that the attitude that prevails in our current culture, whether you are religious or not, is that we are all victims of a difficult world, and I thank "The Secret" for the sake of it. to have opened the door of the opportunity to see the world differently.

The initial initial look at the principles of the law of attraction in "The Secret" was a good introduction, but ironically, the true principles of the law of attraction have existed for over 2000 years . In fact, they learned from us through Jesus. The law of attraction, when it is studied in depth and from a metaphysical point of view, is truly an opportunity to live our lives in the way that Jesus taught us to do, to Infinite and in abundance.

"But first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all these things shall be given unto you afterwards." (Matthew 6:33)

At first glance, Jesus' words above might just indicate that we have a huge task to do before we can get the good share for us (let's add up to 39 to you). But although the above words of Jesus stick to it more than we thought possible before.

Many traditional religions teach that life is successful, happy, fulfilling, etc., or not, by the way we conduct ourselves in accordance with religious rules / principles and thereby creating a positive or negative flow. In our lifes. (Look for the Kingdom of God first, then you will be rewarded accordingly). Yet a pious and pious person can do whatever his religion tells him to do, while experiencing great hardship and suffering. This is sometimes attributed to the will of God or a plan that God has for you. Or, these difficulties may be due to the fact that you clearly did not seek the kingdom of God first. While there may be a spiritual sanction in the text for these traditional religious beliefs, the precept that you do not participate in the design of your life, other than to abide by the prescribed rules to receive your blessings in this life or the next, is highly subjective and clearly interpretative. Religious themes omit the fact that as a child and image of God, you too possess incredible power. The principle of find God taught in almost all systems of religious beliefs is what I call the descending approach of spiritual connection. God is above and below us and it is our responsibility to reach out to God by following these rules and opening our hearts. Everything should be very good for us here and after. In the approach, we start from separation and use religion and ideology as a means of connecting to God. In other words, we do not go to church to learn about our our power because of our inseparable relationship with God, we learn rather, what God has already done for us, separately from us, to encourage us to connect to a relationship with God.

The notion of learning about God, and I mean connecting to God in a serious, intimate, and powerful way, comes first looking at the inside of ourselves and finding God there. That's what I call the bottom-up approach to connect to God. In this approach, our baseline begins with the fact that we are already connected and using our own divine power in us to discover and awaken to God and the divine universe, which includes the principles of the LOA. . It is in this approach of spiritual connection and personal empowerment that the actual LOA processes begin.

Here is another interpretation of our previous biblical verse that may be more in keeping with our innate power and divine heritage:

"God ( the divine power of God manifested in you ]) and its justice ( of God, of his qualities such as the value, the value, the abundance and the joy which are already in you ) and all these things ( human and spiritual, and the needs of what you find in you ) will be added to you. " (Matthew 6:33)

And to support the verbiage of the kingdom of God (because without the following words of Jesus, the kingdom of God could be interpreted as a distant place or unknown), Jesus clarifies for us the location of the kingdom of God.

"One or the other will say here or here, because the kingdom of God is in you. (Luke 17:21)

The Law of Attraction also teaches that to manifest what we want to see happen in our lives, we must also go. The greatest teachers of LOA will assimilate the powerful visualization and the certainty of our strongest desires to a sincere appeal of your inner divine being. It may be possible to manifest a new gem for pure pleasure thanks to the power of a strong energetic will, but this salon trick is not a true principle of the law of attraction . The principles of the LOA operate from a fundamental covenant that God and man manifest cooperatively from the infinite possibilities available in each of us (the kingdom of God within).

The exact definition of the law of attraction simply states that "like similar contracts", another way of saying that we live within the framework of our true beliefs. So, the best start for a successful LOA practice is to think and act from our existing beliefs (go inside). Certainly, it is possible, with strong conviction and undeniable conviction, to manifest just about everything. But for those who only seek new distractions and material goods to manifest for the purpose of status, satisfaction of their ego or need, you have missed the true power of the law of attraction. You may be able to apply the principles of the letter of agreement to get what you want, but the next day, the wanna will still be there. The bottom line is that you can think and attract whatever you want, but the fundamental element of the successful and very beneficial practice of the law of the law of attraction begins with manifesting itself from a belief system. divine and authentic. Know where your power comes from the kingdom of God in you. Apply the principles of the LOA from a position of divine strength, by going inside, to see the wrap of all the "things" that will be added to you (through our beliefs) , is the law of attraction practiced as taught by Jesus.

Now, the following steps of a successful practice of the Law of Attraction have also been taught by Jesus in many different examples in the Bible. We will address the next fundamental step in the principles of the LOA, namely your belief in the power of the event and what you are demonstrating in the second part of this article. For this article, the main concept to consider is: The law of attraction is a process of living a life of unlimited potential within your own divine authority (God's kingdom within). We all have the ability to do this, but the reasons we did not succeed are as follows: we ask for and desire an inauthentic state of mind (our desires do not correspond to a real need that wants to be satisfied), we do not really believe in process or in the thing we ask, and we do not "live" within the divine authority to create the life we ​​want. All of these issues related to the letter of agreement process will be addressed in the next part of this article and additional teachings from Jesus will be referred to demonstrate how Jesus also taught the law of attraction.


Law of Attraction – As Attracting,

First Step – Before Demonstrating, for example, days off, cars, money, or for your ex-husband to get the crabs, you MUST identify what you really want and where that desire comes from. The desire that comes from need, resentment, vengeance, unworthiness, fear and lack is an inauthentic need (that is, it comes from the ego and not from the divine self) higher), and you can successfully manifest some of your needs, but they will never do it. satisfy the genuine need. This does not mean that you can not manifest material "things," it simply means that your manifestation must come from "the inside" to be a true principle of the Law of Attraction in action. That's why Jesus asks us to find the (inner) kingdom of God before things are added to us. Know where your power comes from and understand what your real needs are.

Proverbs 29:18, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."


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