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If better health is at the center of your concerns, you may want to consider juice extraction as a supplement to your daily meal plan. Juice can be a way to get more fruits and vegetables in your body without having to spend time cooking them in the kitchen.

People become centrifuges for many reasons. Some like to use a quick juice to clean their system and start a better diet. Others use juices as a way to lose weight. Many people simply use juicers to start incorporating better foods into their diet.

Cooking your food often destroys many of the nutrients and enzymes in your foods that improve your health. By using a juice machine, you keep all these health benefits.

Juice even helps you maintain the excellent taste qualities of your fruits and vegetables, without having to add sugars or fattening additives to foods to make them edible. your taste buds.

This process also saves you money because buying pre-made juice is often very expensive. And you can prepare a meal with a mixture of juices!

Choosing the Right Centrifuge

Before you can extract juice, you need a machine to do the work for you. You can buy manual and cheap plastic versions, but it is highly recommended to invest a little more in your options because they will take you forever to get a small trickle of juice in your cup.

Centrifuges are generally offered in three. main versions. There are manual juicers, like the one I just described, that sometimes require a lot of work and the strength of your arms, not to mention the time needed to extract the juice from your fruits and vegetables.

Some of the manual centrifuges are manual centrifuges. very light, so you can not put too much pressure on them. This means that you will not be able to create large volumes of juice, you will have to stick to small amounts.

Instead of a manual juicer, you can consider buying a juicer to chew or centrifuge. Chewing centrifuges actually chew the pulp, which facilitates the extraction of juice from fruits or vegetables.

These are single-gear centrifuges that work slowly. Some people appreciate the slow creation of juice because whenever speed is involved, it means that heat is usually a factor – and that heat destroys some of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

Chewable juicers are quieter than centrifuges because of their low speed, but many people prefer the juicer to other options. These juicers shred fruits or vegetables and then squeeze and filter them, giving more juice and less pulp.

These are high speed machines, so the noise level may be a bit higher. However, the speed is faster and the process is completed in less time, which makes the noise less problematic. If you use one of these machines, you periodically remove the dough if you manufacture large quantities of juice that you will store for future consumption.

Each type of juicer will have different results in terms of juice volume. can extinguish. On average, juicers can turn a pound of fruit or vegetables into a standard 8 ounce juice cup, but it also depends on the product you choose and the power of the juicer.

Choose the perfect juices to prepare.

If you want to feel better and take better care of your body, you need to adapt your juices to this goal, as some foods are better for you (even in juice form) than others. [19659002] You will need to consider your own health needs and decide which recipes to use for your juice. For example, you may be diabetic and need to reduce your sugar intake. Or you may be anemic and need an increase in your iron level.

For basic health, always think of green. Look for foods that belong to the family of vegetables and not fruits because you will have more benefits for the health of your body. The fruit contains a lot of nature's sugar and can have a beneficial effect on health by increasing your blood sugar quickly.

But keep in mind that the fact that a food is a vegetable does not mean that it is not. sugar and vegetables contain more sugar despite the fact that they are good for health

Even though they contain beta-carotene that helps reduce the risk of cancer, carrots are an example vegetable with a higher sugar level. than other vegetables, such as cucumbers.

Although green vegetables are very good for you, their juices can be hard to swallow if you're new to juicing. You will want good recipes for them and then slowly start introducing them to your juice making routine.

You may have read that as soon as you make juice at home, you should drink it. The reason behind this advice is that when fruits and vegetables are cut, they begin to lose some of the nutritive strength they pack.

Since the purpose of the juice is a healthier way to eat for your body, you want to take full advantage of all that these foods offer you, so take advantage of it just after you have finished extracting it from the juice. fruits as much as possible.

Because juice extraction requires time (and it is not a product you could have often), you want to take steps to eliminate any part of the process that takes time. Wait until the last minute to collect your food, cut into dice and juice, then take a juice, it may take longer than you want.

If you have to get up early and start your day, the last thing you want to sleep is sleepy in the kitchen cutting food. To eliminate this step, prepare everything before you need it. Rub all the dirt off your vegetables, wash your fruit and get out of the cutting board. Cut the food into cubes and it will be convenient when you are ready.

Do not forget that if you plan to use some fruits as apples, they may brown when they are cut and you do not use them as soon as you cut them . They are always acceptable, they are just not as visually appealing.

Using your juicer to get a homemade juice is a treat, but unlike the less healthy buying type bought in a store, you may end up with a dough in your glass. This is not a problem unless you absolutely can not bear to have pulp in your juice.

The pulp is actually good for you, but if you do not like it, you do not have to endure it in your glass. You can use a sieve – but if your juicer has made the pulp thin, some will still pass.

To make sure that the pulp is cut off completely, some people go one step further with the use of a rag. material just to force that catches every little part of the pulp. This could be a good idea if you have children who are tough on pulp and complain if the texture is not right. And the more choices you have for fruits and vegetables, the thicker the juice will be.

The fruit gives a tasty juice and you can experiment with it yourself to create a fruit juice blend that will delight your taste buds. In addition, many fruits offer additional health benefits by providing antioxidants.

Look for fruits that are berries such as strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Also use cherries, apples and plums to give your body an extra boost of health.

Finding Delicious Fruit Juice Recipes

Everything that grows does not belong to a juicer. This may seem like a good idea at the time, but will end up having a horrible taste. The juice is not the time to give free rein to your imagination if you do not know which foods will taste good together.

You can buy a cookbook for juicers (highly recommended), but you can also use the test method and error. . You will know what tastes good and which mixtures are mistakes. But since mistakes can be expensive, use the following tips to create delicious preparations to taste.

If you do not like apples, extracting the juice is not suddenly the moment to decide that you will like them in a juice. You want to start by sticking with what you already know that you like. You will be able to expand your horizons of extraction later.

And if you know that you want the health benefits of apples, you can try turning them into a recipe where another taste of fruit or vegetable dominates them. So you still get health benefits without having to drink what tastes like straight apple juice.

If you want to prepare vegetable juices, leave the more powerful ones to juice until you are prepared to taste stronger. Do not forget that you can mix your vegetables in the juicer with ice cubes, water and a small slice of fruit to give it a better taste.

We all tend to be creatures of habit. We do this even when we try to eat healthier – we will simply continue to choose the same healthy foods we have always eaten, but this can keep you stuck on a particular food source and you will miss the miracle of trying to new combinations if you use juices with the same foods that you have always used.

Do not be afraid to make subtle changes. Many recipes recommend sticking vegetable juice or straight fruit juice, but if you do that, you will lack tasty preparations.

Adding a little water can help reduce the strength and thickness of the fruit too rich. thick as a juice so you can swallow. If you add water, measure it carefully so you do not overdo it.

Whatever recipe you use, keep in mind that there is what is called a "half-rule". For every pound of raw vegetables you use, you will only get half of its value in juice.

Keep Your Juice Juices

For the best nutrients and the best taste, use everything you create in the juicer right away. But given the occupation of people, fast consumption is not always the ideal solution. So, if you can not always drink the juice immediately, you need to know a few tricks to keep the liquid in a container that retains freshness and as much health benefit as possible.

Food changes because of the process called oxidizer. When food enzymes mix with oxygen, they turn brown. You can modify this process by storing foods that you have cut or chopped in water. This prevents full access to oxygen because the food would come out of the water.

Once the juice is made, keep it as fresh as possible by placing it in a container where you can not see the light. This will prevent the juice from experiencing the exposure damage it would have in a clear container.

For optimal storage of your juice, keep it in a glass container. One of the most practical solutions is to use brown tinted jars. Glass is much better than plastic to keep juices. If you need it, use aluminum foil or other black paper to wrap the glass container to prevent light from entering.

Containers letting in air are bad news for storing juices. So choose containers that prevent air from entering. You can keep juices with a higher acid level longer than those with a lower acid level, but you should not stay more than a day and not use the juice you have prepared.

Cleaning and Taking Care of Your Juicer

Like any kitchen appliance, taking care of your juicer will help you create a tasty and lasting juice. The best centrifuges can be expensive and you want to extend the life of your device.

Always read the user manual if you are cleaning your juicer for the first time, as brands and brands are very varied. models. Some require more work than others.

For optimal performance, you want to clean your juicer every time you use it. This is not the kind of device with which you can become lazy, because juice in general is a sticky mess if you do not let it harden.

The first step is to pull out all the pulp. If your juicer has an integrated pulp container, you can clean it, but you want to make sure that there is no pulp left in the container.

Detach removable parts and let them run under the water for rinsing. free of any food debris. You can place the dishwasher-safe parts on the top of the dishwasher if you do not want to wash them by hand, but if so, double-check once the dishwasher cycle is complete. make sure that he has cleaned up all the crevices.

Gently wipe electrical parts or engine parts to remove any residue or splash, but do not expose them by immersing them in water.

Clean the blades with a soft brush to make sure nothing compromises them, but be careful when doing this step because it can be easy to cut your fingers if you are not careful. Do not reassemble the pieces of this unit if any of them is wet or damp. Once you have finished all these steps, your juicer is ready to be used again!


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