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This is the ninth birthday of your son and he has chosen to celebrate his birthday at home. Great, you think, less stress on the purse. Then you discover that he has invited half of his class (15 boys) and that his two sisters insist that they must each have a friend: "we can not be the only two girls with all these boys ". I saw their point.

Greg (my son) was campaigning for a football party. "How!" I fought "We live in an apartment." I had a nightmarish vision of 16 boys playing football in our living room and girls hopping on the couch like mad animators. "Well, you promised the best games of all time," Greg grumbled, his lower lip brushing against the carpet. I saw his point.

The ideas for the birthday party of boys do not come out easily from my brain. However, the idea of ​​an indoor football game with 9-year-old high-octane children stimulated small gray cells.

Fun football-themed party games, where to start? My moment of inspiration was like a flash: draw on traditional games and give them a touch of football.

Here is my big menu of board games at football. I should say that all the required technical knowledge was provided by Greg!

Transfer from Team: Based on the game All Change, each child has received the name of a footballer.

Warm Ups : Here are the scales, but instead of using numbers, I keep every child a game position: center forward, goalkeeper, left back

Football Challenges : All you need are balloons that look like footballs. Answer a football-related challenge inside each balloon before inflating it (show us how you took a penalty, dribble – you have the basics), play music on the theme of football and go away. Whoever has the ball when the music stops must burst it and take up the challenge.

Football Charades : mix of teams and footballers & # 39; names. No other explanation needed.

At half-time, we had a football-themed tea: cheese balls, cheese fillets, crisps, red balloons (melon balls), orange slices and a piece of resistance. At the beginning of the second semester, we played softer games to make sure what happened did not come back!

Name this team: You provide the names of the football players, they guess the team. Do not be afraid to go for the dark (advised Greg). And he was right, they were obsessive juniors.

Spotting the ball : Do you remember Hunt the Thim?

The Magic Touch : This is a very simple magic game that I adapted to football using five little balls rather than coins. the game!)

Then we went for the final match (another term that I learned) with a:

Treasure Hunt : I invented 6 clues about things to do with Football. It took a long time. I then placed the football articles (boot, whistle, plastic footballer, red card, etc.) in all the rooms except my room, which was absolutely out of bounds. The children worked by three; Seven trios plunged into whispered discussions, before going in search of the objects and then finding an anagram telling them where the treasure was. It was in the Bgktia (sorry kitbag) that I had filled with football booty and put under the kitchen table.

"Well, I asked Greg when we said goodbye to the latter who would be Rooney," Was that okay?

"Yeah," he replied, "these are the best board games of all time, but forget the whistle so often next time, good refs are not necessary." Taking his criticism of the chin, I stayed cold until my oldest daughter (aged 13) intervened with "For my birthday, I like a party with fun games like this one, but on X Factor not football. " Simon Cowell gives me strength.


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