Kitchen Design and Framed Wall Art


Years ago, expensive framed wall art pieces were typically displayed in a fireplace above the antique hutch or in the formal living room above the antique sofa. Today, the fine arts are a favorite of gourmets because the kitchens become the ideal room to present beautiful images.

The art of cooking has seen a dramatic increase in popularity for a variety of reasons and changes in architecture is one of the most obvious. In the last fifteen years, open floor plans have become a basic element in most decorating projects. The kitchen is no longer its own little hidden room. It is visible from all areas of life. Whether you are in the dining area, living room, dining room or outdoor patio, you and your guests can easily see what's going on in the kitchen. This means that the framed art works well in the kitchen as it connects the overall artistic appearance of a home.

Advances in emerging printing technology are another reason why art prints are on display in the kitchen. People feel more comfortable placing art prints on canvas in today 's kitchens, because new printing technology creates lasting images and more. easy to clean.

The economy also plays a role in the popularity of art in the kitchen. Most families are cutting their costs and one of the luxuries at the top of the list is the restaurant. Families try to get as much pleasure as possible by cooking at home and eating together. Creating a bistro-style environment at home gives the impression that you're dining at the local cafe, even if you're not there.


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