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There are many kitchen design ideas and I will offer my opinions to help you design the best kitchen of all time. The kitchen has become the most important room of the house; Therefore, its design must match the lifestyle of your family. A long time ago, it was primarily the place to cook / preserve food, but in today 's homes, it' s the gathering place. He became the central focal point of the house. More money is spent in the kitchen than in any other room in the house.

The first kitchen design idea to consider is its layout. It must be functional and beautiful. An old method of designing the layout is the working triangle. The stove, sink and refrigerator will form the points of this "working triangle" before creating an area that would facilitate cooking and cleaning. A problem with this concept is that only one person would typically correspond to this triangle. Today, cooking is usually a family event with socialization so its design should take this into account.

Designers now use an area design that represents more than one person in the kitchen at a time. This creates several cooking zones. Separate the tops and the kitchen ovens and sometimes they will install two sinks, one for the preparation and the other for cleaning.

There are several basic plans / floor plans:

Single Wall – Simple design for very small spaces, but not very functional
Galley Kitchens – For small areas that allow passage. Two sides facing each other
L Kitchens – Most common design for the average home, good workspace.
U Kitchens – Largest space needed, very functional for many people, especially with an island
Kitchens with an Island – The islands are very popular and provide a large central workspace.
Kitchens with a Peninsula – Provide a seating area in the kitchen.
Kitchens Outdoors – Becoming very popular as outdoor living spaces become very common.

I would recommend reviewing the NKBA guidelines (National Kitchen & Bath Association). They have been developed to maximize operation and safety in the kitchen. These cooking instructions provide recommendations for placement of the dishwasher, proper distances between doors / cabinets, countertop surfaces, etc. They are of great help in ensuring you have enough clearance / space if necessary.


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