Kitchen Design Tips for Small Spaces


If you own a small kitchen, do not think you can do anything to make it look big and orderly. A good quality kitchen design will mainly influence it. The kitchen is one of the places in the house that people want to be more comfortable with. It is usual because the kitchen essentially binds the whole family. In addition, the kitchen also works as a classroom for most housewives, where they basically study cooking from. Thus, it is important that the kitchens are comfortable, comfortable and functional simultaneously, even if you just have a small space. Here, I will give you four kitchen design tips for small spaces.

The first concerns storage in the kitchen. Use a coffee table or a small round table in the kitchen. Use a small chair and table that can be reflected in a corner if you do not need it at all times. This will save virtually the space of the kitchen. Another kitchen design idea for small spaces includes setting a small island to your kitchens & # 39; center. This will not only be useful for parties, but offers more storage space than you need.

The second tip is about lighting. Lighting is an important way to create a tight room looks wider and interesting. Proper lighting could surely make kitchens bigger and more beautiful. Hanging lamps can create practical lighting and create an atmosphere without losing space on the wall. If you have a windowless kitchen that needs natural light, consider installing a skylight. Tubular skylights can get sunlight in your kitchen floor, even if there is a second floor above. Space illusions can be created by placing under cabinet lighting and under the backlight.

The third concerns the choice of color. The kitchen that has a limited area would be significantly larger with the right choice of colors and furniture layout. You should use bright colors to make the room brighter and choose furniture that does not have too big and complex shapes. You can use the black and white color to make the kitchen elegant and luxurious, and can be more interesting if the model is semi-open. Thus, the air is always clean and makes your kitchen healthier because the smells caused by the cooking ingredients will be directly transported by the wind from the outside.

And the last concerns the positioning of electrical equipment. Put electrical equipment and storage cabinets on one side to free the other sides of the kitchen for other activities. Always remember that the only thing that makes kitchen design unique to small spaces is your ingenuity and creativity.


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