Know The Truth Behind Laser Hair Removal Myths


It can be said that since the conception of civilizations, women have sought new ways to enhance their beauty. One area they seek the most is the painless or permanent removal of facial area hairs and other body parts.

A recent study has shown that laser treatment is one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures in the world.

Discover some common myths about this type of hair removal that you must never believe

Myth # 1 – Your internal organs could be damaged by lasers

Truth: It is simply negative propaganda has spread against this treatment! The laser can not move past a predefined limit, and forget the heat of the laser. The bundles used for the treatment of expulsion of hair can seep up to only 1/4 mm into your skin, so it's obvious that it can not reach the internal organs.

This type of hair removal is a really very safe method that has been approved by the government. Reactions or side effects that you may feel are temporary and disappear within two or three days

Myth # 2 – This treatment is extremely painful

Truth: Most patients A little pain and distress when the laser comes into contact with the skin, but the discomfort is particularly bearable. A little burning sensation in the treated areas has also been taken into account by the patients, but again, it is also bearable and not out of the patient's pain limit. Many people connect these sensations with the snap of an elastic band on the skin.

Myth # 3 – This treatment is ineffective on dark skin and light hair

Truth: In the first years after its inception, lasers were not prescribed to people to dark skin because they could burn their skin. Yet with advances in technology, we now have beams that work very well on people with dark skin and light hair. Some of the more common lasers also treat individuals with fair skin and light hair. In this sense, there are no more restrictions or limitations in this technology. Individuals with dark skin and light hair can also benefit from the extraordinary results of this treatment.

Myth # 4 – The treatment is only for facial hair

Truth: Lasers can be used on any part of your body, from the facial area to the chest, breasts and the back to the arms and legs. More generally, the areas of the face that receive treatment incorporate the jaw and the upper lips. If you want to eliminate unwanted hair from your body, you can use this technology to permanently remove hair from the neck, chest, breasts, nipples, hands, feet, arms, legs, back, legs thighs and abdomen. and the bikini area are among the most commonly treated body parts using laser hair removal . The main limitation of this procedure is that they are not recommended for treatments around the eyes.

Myth # 5: This Treatment Causes Skin Cancer

Truth: There is absolutely no truth in this treatment. As mentioned above, the lasers are completely safe and have the approval of the experts. There is no research that could connect laser hair removal with cancer.


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