Last-minute Christmas gift ideas


The time is up. It is probably too late to arrive in time for Christmas if you order gifts online now. Where is it?

You can always do it on time if you opt for a faster delivery method, such as a 2-day shipment or overnight delivery, depending on how much time you have left. This will mean spending more for shipping, but it's worth it if you hate to jostle with crowds at the mall and buy all your items in a store and have your items delivered to your home or office. to be for Christmas.

Otherwise, you can make your own Christmas presents. I did it when I was desperate. A glass bowl, sand, pebbles, florist moss and dried flowers can turn into an indoor garden that never fades. This would make a great gift for anyone other than children. For children, I suggest you look at these last-minute Christmas gift ideas for children [].

Back to the homemade gift. Take a clean, dry glass bowl. The prettiest you can find. Flower glue foam means for dried flower arrangements inside the bowl base. Pour the sand over the foam to cover it completely.

Stick the dried flowers into the sand, into the moss, grouping them by color, leaving a space between the flower groups for the pebbles. Think of a real garden. The flowerbeds are separated by trails or grass. You can dye the sand green and use it to simulate the grass and use pebbles to create sidewalks.

Make your garden look like a real garden in a bowl. Grouped flowers, pebble paths, works. You could put a bigger rock to simulate a rock. The bigger the bowl, the more you have to play with.

You could even put a mirror to simulate a lake. Use pebbles to cover the sand. That's it. Its appearance depends on your skills. If you do not like your first attempt, you can always try again until you like the end result.

If your homemade gifts do not work or you are afraid to look cheap, you can check out these last-minute Christmas gifts [ christmas-gifts.htm] instead.


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