Last Minute Christmas Gifts for 2009


December 25 is in a few days. The clock turns so you can complete your Christmas shopping. I understand this frustration as I have been myself, that is why I've included this list of Last Minute Christmas gifts for 2009. Use this list to help you quickly find what are the gifts that people want this year.

1. Canon SX20IS

The Canon SX20IS is my choice for the best digital camera in 2009. There are a number of good ones this year, but I like this one because it's an improvement from the original that has been well received by customers. It also has the benefit of being very new too.

2. Dora Links Fashion Doll

The Dora Links Fashion Doll is an excellent choice for older girls. This one is an easy decision for girls who grow up on other Dora products Explorer. This one even incorporates the use of the computer which will probably be a big hit with this age group too.

3. Flip UltraHD 120 Minutes Camcorder Black

The Flip UltraHD 120 Minutes Black Camcorder is the perfect gift for young adults, both men and women. This one has tons of different uses that people will stumble upon. The best part is that it is easy to take this one with you because it weighs only one pound and can fit in a pocket or bag. A good buy, useful.

4. Kindle DX

The Kindle DX is the new Kindle electronic reader and it is really nice because it has more storage space and a larger reading space. For those who like to read or do not want to carry a dozen paperbacks, this provides the perfect solution.

5. LG BD390

The LG BD390 is a nice Blu-ray disc player that can be a perfect gift for teens and adults alike. Basically, anyone who has not yet upgraded to Blu-ray can enjoy a nice gift like this.

6. Lulu My Cat Cuddlin Kitty

Lulu My Cat Cuddlin Kitty is a robotic stuffed animal that is a "purr-fect" gift for young boys and girls. This one will be a big hit with them because it acts exactly like the real one.

7. Makita BDF452HW

The Makita BDF452HW is the perfect gift idea for dad or any type of home improvement. This cordless drill gets an A + rating by just about all of its customers and will be a hit with dads even if they already have a few other exercises. Chances are they'll love this one even more.

8. Mindflex Game

The Mindflex game is a great novelty game that will be a fun gift for kids, teens and young adults. This one allows people to move a foam ball with their minds. As you can imagine, just about everyone will want to see this one in action.

9. Rubik Touch Touch Cube

The Rubik Touch Touch Cube is a nice remake of the classic Rubik's original cube game. Here you can find a great gift for teens and adults who will be a winner with friends, family, colleagues and customers.

10. Viper 5901

The Viper 5901 is a great gift idea for car enthusiasts and those who appreciate its features. A very impressive about this gift is that it can turn on the air conditioner or heating a car from the outside of the car up to 1 mile away. This basically means that we can have their car just the right temperature before we get to the car.


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