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League of Legends is on the list of the most popular online multiplayer games. For the first time, the game was launched in 2009. The company that produced the game called Riot Games. Originally, it was made for PC and Mac. Let's read more about this game.

As with any other game you can find online, this game has a 5v5 mode. In this mode, a pair of teams participate in a competition and the goal is to destroy the enemy base known as Nexus. And for that, a map is used by the teams.

Aside from the 5v5 feature, you also have the option of using 3v3. If you like Dominion, you will also like this game. Your objective is to obtain objective points in order to harm the health of enemy Nexus

Points of influence

During the game, you use the points of influence in the form of a currency. Your overall winnings are based on a number of factors, such as the amount of bots, the outcome of the game, and the summoner level, to name a few. You can also choose to use points to buy items in play, such as champions and runes.

Riot Points

This alternative currency is offered to both teams. If you want to get this currency, you can buy it with PayPal, credit / debit cards, and game cards.

You can use Riot Points to rhyme pages, unlock champions and different types of boosts. However, you can not spend them on runes. As a player, you can get Riot Points from other activities. For example, you can recommend the game to your family or friends to earn points.


With Runes, you can customize your League of Legends. You can boost your stats, such as speed of movement, manna regeneration, and health, to name a few. This allows you to enjoy your game without the change of champion depending on the options available to you.


You can choose from a number of champions, and every week it goes up. You can use Riot Points or Influence Points in order to unlock the champions before using them. However, you can find many champions to play for free. This allows you to test them before buying them. You can get different types of champions, such as tanks, support, janglers, throwers, murderers and assassins.

Rankings and Awards

Regular games and ranked games are similar: however, depending on the results of the game, you get a rank. This system is known as the ELO rating. In fact, it's a situation where you have broken the players. Due to the game's unique design, this aspect of the ELO system is a bit difficult.

So, if you plan to play League of Legends, we hope that this introduction and the tricks it contains will help you during the game play. You can keep in mind that it is an online multiplayer game and that it will be played with more than one player.


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