Learn About Different Types of Cushion Covers to Decorate Your Home


By using the impeccable cushion covers you can actually bring life to your dining room, bedroom or any other place where you have these fine-looking, decorative or embroidered Creative piece of work. With these rattling covers you can actually create a different feel and atmosphere as these have various patterns, fabric or styles.

From natural to bright color and the one having amazing patterns, styles, you will find all the types . So to buy the one that fits into your home decor let's first of all have a look at the broad categories. Broadly these can be categorized by material, style, pattern and use. Further these categories have various types.

By Material This is an informative file available online –

Material used is basically the fabric from which these are made. Almost all the fabrics are used to make this one purpose solve your purpose of using them. Say if you are looking for something very durable and long lasting then go for the polyester or cotton cushion covers. Whereas silk cushion covers and the one made from velvet, chenille are used as luxury and beautify the living or drawing room. Taffeta is a very lustrous fabric that has natural smoothness. If embroidered or given applique work it looks very elegant. Suede cushion covers are made from soft leather. These are bit expensive. The materials from which these can be made are

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Silk
  • Chenille
  • Taffeta
  • Suede
  • Velvet
  • By Usage

    Owing to ubiquitous quality these can be used and found everywhere. Be it your bed, dining chair, sofa, outdoor furniture or living room couch, there is no restriction or set rules on where to use it and where not.

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    You will find all the amazing and dazzling patterns. Embroidered cushion covers on handmade and on pure cotton, silk or any other fabric. Bead work on embroidery is also very popular. Printed cushion covers are very attractive but if you are finding something very simple and elegant then nothing better than plain dyed or baltik cushion covers.

  • Embroidered
  • Plain dyed
  • Flocked
  • Baltik
  • By Styles

    Jacquard has intricate patterns that look very cool when used on sofa or couch. Designs are raised and woven in the fabric itself. In twill type you will have parallel lines or diagonal lines. Whereas Dobby has geometric designs, floral prints that are weaved into fabric. To make these various fabrics are used. The most common styles are

  • Jacquard
  • Twill
  • Dobby
  • Designer
  • Fancy
  • Hand Made
  • Hope now you will find right kind of cushion cover to complete your home decor.


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