Learn to Pick Up Women: 4 Effective Tips


Do not be afraid of women in the community. Learn to take with the best women. You may not know how to do it now, but with a little practice you can easily choose the woman of your dreams. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to attracting women's attention.

1. Practice Practice

You will not learn to find women without exercising. You can not go back and watch other men do if you want to be in the company of beautiful women. Is there a part of the dating process that you should develop? Are you afraid to approach women in general? Practice a small line of icebreaker that you think will interest him. Make sure it's not boring and sounds mechanical. Yes, men are known to have nerdy collection lines, but who says your collection line must be cheesy. It should be a reflection of your personality. Practice repeating it again and again until you feel second nature. This will facilitate the collection of women.

2. Rampse Before You Walk

When you learn to pick up women, you act as if nothing has happened; you must crawl before you can walk. You can not expect to enter the room and pick up the most beautiful and beautiful woman in the room. It does not mean that you have to be content with the ugliest woman in the room. What you should do is choose a certain type of woman and train yourself to get her attention. Once you have accomplished this, move on to another type of woman.

3. Learn to choose the best women first

It is much more difficult to try to take different types of women when you are still learning to do it. You might be better off starting with the type of girl that everyone considers to be the girlfriend or the "girl" next door. She is down-to-earth, not showy, not intimidating and kind. These types are girls are easy to spot in the crowds. They are accessible. Learn to find this type of woman before you work your way up to the pretty snobs that many men seem to love. Learn to take care of nice women before trying to take those who are hateful.

4. Learn to flirt with the women of others

What do other men like you do? Of course, some of them are lost, just like you. However, are there others who pick up beautiful women? Watch and learn how they do it? This guy has about the same constitution, age and size. It comes from the same type of family and wealth. How did he get his hot girlfriend? By observing a guy like this, you could learn a lot about picking up women because he has a track record almost similar to yours.

In conclusion, learning to find women is not so difficult if you take things slowly and look at others around you. Practice your skills and start with more beautiful women. Beautiful women are all around you. Learn to be with the best.


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