LED Christmas Lights – Are They Really The Only Choice For Saving Energy? Think before you shop


Did you notice last year? The LED tree lights, the newest entry in eco-friendly Christmas decorations, literally stole off shelves. Overall sales of LEDs would have reached – are you sitting? – a huge 7.4 billion dollars in 2009. This includes LED lights, LED Christmas tree lights and other types of domestic LED lighting.

But the Christmas LED lights are really the eco-winner is cracked to be? As "organic" and "100% natural", " green" is an elastic concept. And there is certainly a greener alternative to LED Christmas lights, but more in a minute.

One thing is certain: Christmas LED lights consume less energy than incandescent Christmas lights. So, compared to the big Christmas garlands and even the miniature Christmas lights with which you grew up, LEDs are the best choice from an energy point of view. In addition, they have a meaning for outdoor Christmas lighting because they do not require maintenance and have a long life.

Another thing is certain: The LED lighting is here to stay. It has an influence on the market and the industry is promoting it with enthusiasm. For example, one of the major building supply chains just launched a recycling campaign of your old Christmas lights, offering a discount on LED Christmas tree lights for each chain of incandescent lamps. At the beginning of the season, sales will be canceled this year

The best thing since Granola?

Do LED Christmas lights fit into the granola lifestyle? Although they consume less energy, it would be very difficult to call LED Christmas trees and LED trees a natural product.

The LED lighting cord is made of oil-based plastic cords these days). And the LED bulb itself is surrounded by epoxy, a super-hardened chemical polymer. Although epoxy is widely used in many products, the epoxy resin contains bisphenol A, a harmful substance that has been banned from certain consumer items. Some buyers try to keep their space free of chemicals, including building materials, wood finishes, home textiles, carpets, work surfaces, and so on. Others just want to reduce the amount of plastic in their lives. These consumers may have doubts about LED Christmas lighting.

Safety and fire prevention are paramount concerns in every Christmas season – and rightly so. No Christmas light can be 100% safe. But LED lighting is promoted as being particularly safe. Despite this, problems can occur. Only a few days after Halloween, Costco announced that it was recalling a series of lit Christmas characters with LED lights that could set off a fire, possibly some electrical problem. A problem like this, at the beginning of the shopping season, highlights the fact that even LED Christmas lights are not necessarily safe.

Like a LED balloon …

. But that's exactly the problem in the eyes of some buyers. They are too cool.

The LED lighting has a different spectral quality. Some people think it's heavy on blues and light on yellows, reds, golds and tans – all colors at the end of the spectrum. Admittedly, it is subjective. But if you are sensitive to the quality of light, LEDs may not be your choice, especially if you are aiming for a warm and comfortable feeling. The new lights receive mixed reviews and pass like an LED balloon among some traditionalists and aesthetes.

Out of the Grid

Christmas does not have to be a burden to the environment. Let's say you are serious when you give up your old incandescent lights and you get green, but you can not really get warm with the idea of ​​LED Christmas tree lights.

Fortunately, there is a low-tech alternative that uses less electricity than LED holiday lights: Candlepower. In fact, Christmas tree candles will take you completely off the grid. They do not use electricity to produce light – just air. This makes it the most environmentally friendly alternative to incandescent and LED Christmas lights. And from an aesthetic point of view, they can not be beaten. The sight of a Christmas tree bathed in the warm glow of natural candles will stop you in your tracks. It's hypnotizing. The wonderful and warm feeling that it evokes is hard to describe – it's something you have to experiment with.

You can choose to light your Christmas tree with candles because of its beauty or because they are 100% green. But security must be your top priority. Use the candles carelessly and you can cause a fire. But if you take your time, position the candles correctly and use common sense, you can enjoy it peacefully during the holiday season.

For our grandparents and great-grandparents who were celebrating Christmas in the pre-electric era, Christmas candles were the only option when it came to life. was trying to prune the tree. But they did not just melt the candle and ploped it on a branch. They used simple and ingenious candle holders, specially designed for Christmas trees. Unfortunately, Christmas candles and Christmas candlesticks broke down when electric Christmas decorations hit the market around the First World War.

Find a source for your Christmas candles and candle holders

Christmas candle holders were used in the 19th century. One is the clip-on Christmas tree candle holder, or a Christmas candle clip. The other is the Christmas pendulum candle holder, which has a rod that buckles on the limb and a weight to hold the candle upright. But before you rush to the corner store to buy them, you should realize that we are talking about a product that has been forced to obsolescence and that has basically been pulled off the market for eighty- ten years. This can be a challenge to find.

You will not find Christmas candles and candles at the mall and it is doubtful whether you find them in specialty shops. They are still made in Germany, but it can be difficult to order them in a store in Germany. The best solution? Find a reliable website reseller in the United States that imports authentic Christmas tree candles and candle holders made in Germany. If you live in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or anywhere else, choose an American online store with experience selling to your country.

What will it be for you this year? Christmas candles? LED holiday lighting will undoubtedly continue to conquer market share. But the candle is a subtle Christmas game. This is not for everyone. But for those who like the idea of ​​a "slow Christmas", it may be an option that is worth trying. It's as eco-friendly as possible and it's a way to send a message to your family, friends and neighbors to slow down, streamline and simplify.

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