Liege Christmas Market


Liège is the fourth largest city in Belgium with a population of approximately 2,000,000 inhabitants. Liège is a famous industrial city located on the Meuse. Liège is very popular for Christmas and is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Belgium. With its superb shopping areas, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, theaters, operas, museums, monuments, cultural attractions and incomparable nightlife, Liège has something for everyone. Every year, Liège contracts millions of visitors at Christmas.

Christmas shopping in Liège

During the Christmas period, Liège is illuminated. You can do a lot of shopping at the Christmas markets of Liège. You will find more than 160 wonderfully painted chalets in this charming city. You will find many products to buy ranging from crafts, Christmas tree, table decoration to gifts, chocolates and a delicious dinner. There is an appropriate arrangement of rinks around the city. Do not forget to enjoy the ice skating this year Christmas. The Christmas Market in Liege is the oldest and biggest in Belgium. Belgium is famous for its chocolates, so do not forget to buy and eat a lot of chocolates in Liege. You will find many chocolate stalls at the Christmas market in Liège.

Attractions in Liege

If you are in Liege for short breaks at Christmas, do not miss the visits to Liege. There are many things to do and a lot to see.

The main attractions of Liège

  • The town hall of Perron
  • The museum of Walloon art
  • The museum of mural life
  • The church of Saint Barthélemy

Liège Nightlife [19659003] Liège has a lively and active nightlife throughout the year. But at Christmas, the streets of Liège illuminate with lights and the evening becomes incomparable. You can enjoy discos, bars, cafes, theaters and operas.

Famous Bars / Pubs in Liege

  • In Bouldou
  • The Peket House
  • Luigi Piano Bar
  • Smile Coffee Shop

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