Lighting trends in the design of the house


If you want to follow the latest trends in interior design and lighting, you should probably go beyond the usual norms, ignore any advice given by interior designers professionals and opt for a personal style. At least that's the latest trend.

With so many models, in all possible sizes and shapes, people find it easier to opt for a personal style when they decorate the interior of their residence, at least with respect to relates to lighting devices. This phenomenon has a simple explanation: the use of light is no longer reduced to a mere illumination, but goes further than this self-expression status, illumination of light. ambiance, accent lighting, architectural lighting and even landscape lighting.

The choice of lighting products also increases thanks to different lighting technologies that bring different benefits to consumers and are used in different applications. If lighting designers live a moment of glory, lighting designers face a real dilemma; customers prefer to choose lighting fixtures alone and employ light technicians to mount them. This is not to say that lighting design is a profession doomed to disappear! This is probably only a phase until consumers realize that only a professional designer can create a structured structure between lighting, structural design and interior design.

But most users still choose lighting devices alone and their choices vary between three "basic styles": elegant, traditional and contemporary. Average consumers choose their light sources based on price (cheaper are winners), but some take into consideration other factors and the most important is energy efficiency. Although energy efficient fixtures are more expensive, they help reduce electricity consumption. You probably already have in your home a reading lamp with a dimmer or other light sources of the genre. Light attenuation is one way of reducing costs, but it also saves energy and extends the life of the lamp. Compact fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are also very popular choices.

The lighting is not used purely in the lead, as was the case before. Today, light sources can be used to create a mysterious atmosphere, to enhance the ambience of a room or to showcase a work of art. When it comes to ambient lighting, there is nothing better than reflected light sources to highlight a painting or backlighting to generate a glow hot behind curtains or furniture. When it comes to putting lights in their homes, people are becoming more and more creative. Nowadays, it is almost usual to see special lighting effects on the living room walls, as usual to see dimmers and solar garden lights.

Consumers react differently to objects of lighting and lighting. Some even buy on the basis of "I love it" more then on "I need it". Let's face it: do you really need an LED cube with a wooden frame to impress your guests or an ambiance panel to relax? Not really. But this type of lighting products sells like crazy today and a trend is likely to develop.


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