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Tip: 1 Most relationships start with the woman, so be always confident in yourself and know what you want in your man.

Tip: 2 Embrace yourself with a high level of self-esteem, men do not understand the weak only the strong. Know your beauty and own it.

Tip: 3 Men like to feel obligated, so if you are independent well, but too much could send it back.

Tip: 4. Being unavailable is sometimes the trick, being too available says that you are essentially waiting for his phone call. Remember that men like to be the hunter and the pursuer.

Tip: 5. Sometimes the pampering does help if he has a favorite meal, or a favorite sport. Remember that a man loves is a woman who is in tune with the sport.

Tip: 6.Let him know that you like him or that you are proud of him, men love gratitude, it is an ego booster. Do not forget not to do it too much, they can sometimes become big and arrogant and we do not want that.

Tip: 7. If your man likes sexy clothes, then model for him once in time. If he likes a certain sexual act rather than performing it. You will be surprised that he just started paying you a little more attention by urging him to do certain acts on you.

Tip: 8. Give her space, most men do not like very sticky or desired women

Tip: 9. Communicating with each other is an important key.

Tip: 10. The last trust your man another important key.

Agreed ladies, it's not going to happen overnight but these are just a few tips to get you started. Just remember to be strong and confident and everything should fall into place.


Source by Monique Whitaker

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