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Building your new home is a process unlike any other process required to make products ranging from automobiles to furniture. Everything we do starts with a plan and ends with a product. The better the plan, the better the product.

In building your new home, you will come into contact with many disciplines such as developers, design and planning professionals, builders, inspectors and all disciplines. electricians, excavators, etc.

Many people believe that by eliminating some of these essential processes, money will be saved. The elimination of process plans is one of the most targeted areas for people who believe that they will save money.

In the following paragraphs, I hope to educate and explain how a set of quality plans is not only essential to complete the process. of construction, but how a set of quality professional plans will pay for themselves and put money in your pocket.

Most parts of the country require building plans to obtain a building permit. ensure the safety, energy efficiency and accessibility of the project. We demand these basic elements in every car we buy, so why do some people go to great lengths to avoid these standards of safety, efficiency and accessibility in our homes by not having plans? quality professionals?

In simple terms, quality plans pay off several times.

Material estimates are almost impossible to make from simple sketches on graph paper or napkins. Yes, I saw customers with sketches on towels for the plans! The estimation of materials without any detail of plan is equivalent to one thing, a GUESS. And you can be sure that the "guess" will not be in your favor or save you money.

Tens of thousands of dollars are wasted in this area by not having a detailed set of log home plans, with dollars lost increasing in magnitude with the cost of the project.

Builders rely on log house plans to do their job which is assembling. Without a competent log home design a builder like the estimator needs to "guess" on how to assemble your home. Guessing costs money.

Imagine the floor system in your new home. There are many ways to build a floor and costs could range from $ 4,000 to $ 10,000. A builder without a set of plans assembles the floor at a cost of $ 10,000. However, a set of professionally prepared plans could have found a way to assemble this same floor for $ 4,000, which will save you $ 6,000! Would you like to pay $ 3,000 for a set of plans that will save you $ 6,000? You bet you would! Now multiply these efficiencies in the design through every component of the house!

Imagine a builder having to guess how you want your house to look and work. You live with the interpretation of your house by the builder or you make sure that the builder modifies what you do not like through a change order. Change orders cost you a lot of money, thousands of dollars in expenses, all of which could be eliminated in the log house design process before construction!

There has always been a misconception in residential construction assembling a house, the design of log homes and plans become trivial and useless. Think about people assembling cars on an assembly line. Of course, these people can assemble and build cars just as a builder can assemble and build houses. But imagine a car factory without a design team or project to follow, where each assembler decides how to assemble the parts. Would you buy this finished product? I would not do it and you should not either because you deserve more for the money you spend.

That is why we at J. Krentz Design strongly recommend a set of plans of quality log homes prepared by an independent professional. design; an independent professional freed from burdens and conflicts of interest that employ builders or construction sites; an independent professional who works for you alone with your interests in mind.


Source by Jeff Krentz

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